Press W to kick sideways!

The Zebra is the seventh animal in and is the land equivalent of the Donkey, Turtle, and Muskox.


The Zebra:

  • Has a maximum XP capacity of 7.9K, at which point it upgrades to the Cheetah, Wolf, or Stingray.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it.
  • Can kick sideways.


The Zebra has a white body with 3 black stripes on its back; it also has a thin but rather long tail, a black long nose and a mane on its neck.


With a Zebra, you have a very strong ability and can evolve easily. First of all, if you want to reach a higher tier, try finding a high tier animal (like Black Dragon with 30% HP). If many other damaging ability animals attack it, you can 'steal' the kill by kicking it when it is about to die.

If you want to play safe, just eat Mushroom Bushes, Pears, Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, or Lilypads.



  • The zebra, along with the Mole, was added in the October 26th update.
  • It is one of the few animals to have its upgrade positions changed — it used to upgrade from the Cheetah, and upgrade to the Bear.
  • Even though the old message said so, Zebras could NOT eat Lions back in the day. Instead, they coexisted.
    • The old upgrade message said "Upgraded to Zebra: You can now eat Red Mushroom Bushes! Also, zebras eat lions (HUH!)"