The XP bar. Fill it up to reach the next animal.

XP, an abbreviation for Experience (stylized as EXP in some cases), is a measure of how much food and/or prey an animal has consumed. Once a player reaches a certain amount of experience, they can evolve into the next tier animal. Experience can be earned by eating food, biting predator's tails, eating another animal, or feeding on Healing Stones. Notably, the only animal that doesn't have XP requirements to evolve is the King Dragon, as it only needs to eat all apex tier animals.

In the Settings, there is a way to disable XP popups, meaning when you gain XP from an entity/food source, the amount given will not show as it normally does right above your water bar.

  • Since October 10, 2016, any XP above 1,000 now reads like 1K, but if there is 1,100 XP it reads 1.1K.
  • Since December 25, 2016, any XP above 1,000K doesn't have a decimal point.
  • Since February 19, 2017, any XP above 1,000K now reads 1M but if there is 1,010K XP it reads 1.01M. The same applies with billions.
  • Since April 18, 2017, any XP above 1,000 now has an extra number after the decimal, and the letter after is uppercased.

XP requirements for animals

These are the amounts of XP you need to reach for each animal, as of April 18, 2019:

Animal Image XP requirements
Mouse MouseBeta.png 0 XP
Shrimp New shrimp.png 0 XP
Chipmunk New-Chipmunk.png 0 XP
Desert Rat New-Kangaroorat.png 0 XP
Rabbit New Rabbit.png 150 XP
Trout New-Trout.png 150 XP
Arctic Hare New-ArcticHare.png 150 XP
Pig Piggy.png 400 XP
Crab New-Crab.png 400 XP
Penguin New Penguin.png 400 XP
Mole Newmole.png 1K XP
Sea-horse Sea Horse Replacement.png 1K XP
Seal NewSeal.png 1K XP
Pigeon (Beta) Pigeon.png 450 XP
Deer New deer.png 2K XP
Squid New Squid.png.png 2K XP
Reindeer Newest Reindeer.png 2K XP
Fox Newfox.png 5K XP
Hedgehog Newhedgehog.png 5K XP
Jellyfish Newjellyfish.png 5K XP
Arctic Fox ArcticFox New.png 5K XP
Zebra Newzebra.png 12K XP
Donkey Newdonkey.png 12K XP
Turtle New Turtle.png 12K XP
Muskox New MuskOx.png 12K XP
Cheetah Newest Cheetah.png 25K XP
Stingray Stingray New.png 25K XP
Wolf New wolf.png 25K XP
Giraffe Newgiraffe.png 25K XP
Lion TODAY LION.png 90K XP
Gorilla Newgorilla.png 40K XP
Pufferfish Puffer fish.png 40K XP
Snow Leopard Newest Snow Leopard.png 40K XP
Snowy Owl New Snowy Owl.png 25K XP
Toucan (Beta)
15K XP
Bear New Bear.png 60K XP
Cobra New Cobra.png 25K XP
Swordfish Swordfish New.png 60k XP
Pelican Pelican.png 60K XP
Walrus Newwalrus.png 25K XP
Crocodile New Croc.png 90K XP
Tiger New Tiger.png 60K XP
Falcon New Falcon.png 90K XP
Octopus New Complete Octopus.png 90K XP
Polar Bear New Polar Bear.png 90K XP
Rhino New Rhinoceros.png 145K XP
Eagle Newer Eagle.png 145K XP
Shark New-Shark.png 145K XP
Wolverine New Wolverine.png 145K XP
Hippo Hippo-0.png 350K XP
Boa Constrictor BoaConstrictor.png 350K XP
Ostrich Ostrich.png 350K XP
Killer Whale New Killerwhale.png 350K XP
Sabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Tiger-0.png 350K XP
Elephant Newelephant.png 650K XP
Giant Spider GiantSpider.png 650K XP
Blue Whale New Blue Whale.png 650K XP
Mammoth New Mammoth.png 650K XP
Dragon Dragonnew.png 1M XP
T-REX New Trex.png 1M XP
Phoenix PhoenixOfficialArts.png 1M XP
The Kraken New Kraken.png 1M XP
King Crab KingCrab.png 1M XP
The Yeti! Yeti-0.png 1M XP
Land Monster Land Monster.png 5M XP
Dino Monster D No Monster.png 5M XP
Sea Monster New Sea Monster.png 5M XP
Giant Scorpion GiantScorpion.png 5M XP
Ice Monster New Ice Monster.png 5M XP
Black Dragon Blackdragon.png 10M XP

XP quantities for food

Food Image EXP
1 XP-2 XP
1.5 XP-3 XP
Arctic Berry
1-2.5 XP
Seaweed e.png
12 XP-20 XP
8-18 XP
10-20 XP
Carrot e.png
20-40 XP
Starfish e.png
50-75 XP
New Lemming.png
100-200 XP
75 XP
Red Mushroom
150-400 XP
Kelp e.png
500-1.1K XP
Clam e.png
300-800 XP
Watermelon Slice
WatermelonSlice e.png
500 XP- 1K+ XP
100-600 XP
500-1.5K XP
500-2K XP
Arctic Nut
1K-4K XP
Mushroom Bush
1.2K-12K XP
4K+ XP
Conch e.png
1K-11K XP
Watermelon e.png
Meat e.png
150 XP-50K XP
Honey Bee
6K - 8K XP
2.5K XP - 100K XP
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