Wolf paws turn very well on ice!
Press W to howl!

The Wolf is the 8th Arctic animal in Mope.io. It's the equivalent of the Bear, Tiger, Gobi Bear, Hyena, Pelican and Swordfish.


  • Upgrades from the Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Gorilla, Toucan, Pufferfish or Rattlesnake at 7.9K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Polar Bear, Octopus, Falcon, Lion, Crocodile or Vulture at 15K XP.
  • Has a unique howl ability, which creates a slow moving, big circle projectile, "scaring" any animals caught in it. Scared animals end up being pulled with the projectile and are also slowed. It will also look like they're freezing, even if the howl is done outside of the arctic. Predators of the Wolf get scared for less time.
    • Also, when the Wolf uses its ability, it's text says: "AWOOOO!", when the circle hits it's prey/predators, its text says "Ahhhh!"


It has a dark gray circular body, light gray ears, a long gray tail, a gray snout with a black nose and two front light grey paws.


As a Wolf

If you are hunting, then approach your prey and howl! This will stun your prey, giving you some time to either catch up with it, or grab a few bites out of it. You can also howl it off a rock or hill, making it useful against seals and other prey like that can go on hills or rocks.

Also in real life, most wolves will do good in packs, this would be a good strategy on Mope.io because howling at each other won't have an effect, and you can gang up on a predator to take it down by howling all around it a lot so you can bite its tail. Or you can use safety in numbers, for defending each other from predators, and the power of the pack in hunting prey. Wolves are very good on ice, making them a very agile predator on ice, mainly for animals that can't turn well or can't slide on ice. The only problem is agreeing on who gets the kill.

If you are being chased by a predator, then turn back and howl since your howl can scare predators and knock them back as well. Only do this if you're a fair distance away from them. If the predator is right behind you and you turn around to howl, it can take away a lot of your health. Even better, use it on ice so the predator will slide back even further.

To level up safely, eat Arctic Nuts (they give you as much as 500-1K XP!) by finding a bush in the arctic or packing snow together, although you can eat other food, Arctic Nuts are the best. Another option is to go to a Lake, and eat Ducks there. Lakes often attract prey, so you can kill animals that don't swim well in water if you see any.

Against a Wolf

Wolves are quite hard to kill. If you're prey to a Wolf, your best way of avoiding it is by either taking refuge on a hill/rock, or swimming away from it in water. Wolves can't climb hills, and don't swim well, and are therefore easy to avoid in those environments. However, they are fast on ice, and their howl can stun you. Try to dodge the Wolf's howl if you can. A positive of the howl is that it pushes you forward, so that evens out the stunning time.

As a predator to the Wolf, try overtake it by climbing hills and dodging howls. For a few seconds after a Wolf howls, it can't boost. If you're able to dodge the howl, utilise this small time to quickly catch up with the Wolf. Even try chasing it out of the Arctic, where it will suffer extra burning damage. Use your powerup if it helps, to damage and slow down the Wolf.



  • It was added on December 26, 2016, along with all the other early-game Arctic animals.
  • It used to be equal to Crocodile and Octopus.
  • It was moved on January 1, 2017, to tier 8.
  • When the arctic was first released wolves are a tier higher than a Polar bear and could eat Polar Bears which is pretty crazy, because in real life wolves are way weaker and smaller than Polar Bears!
  • When you are hit by a Wolf’s howl, text pops up saying, “A wolf’s howl scared you!”.
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