Not to be confused with Hiding Holes, a similar feature that will spawn in all biomes other than the Ocean.

Whirlpools are features that allow most animals in to be hidden from all entities and their effects.


  • Like their land counterpart, whirlpools are holes that animals can use to hide in.
  • Whirlpools are essentially hiding holes, except only found in the Ocean biome. They have no smaller variant, and the only difference is the color of it.
  • Unless they are under the influence of a Special Ability, all animals except for the Black Dragon and King Dragon are able to use them.
  • When inside a whirlpool, animals cannot be affected by anything outside or inside the hole, except if a Fox or Arctic Fox uses their pull from hole ability to force a creature out of it.
  • There is no limit to how long you can stay inside a whirlpool, but bars of animals will slowly decrease, meaning you'll have to emerge eventually to get water/lava/energy.
    • However, with whirlpools, by holding W as you exit the whirlpool you will automatically dive. In theory, you can stay by a whirlpool without having to emerge near predators forever (as long as your animal drinks water).


Whirlpools look like their land counterpart, except they are blue. There is a dark blue circle in the middle, whilst a lighter blue circle outlines that. A dark blue circle outlines light blue ones, and vice versa. Unlike hiding holes, whirlpools are constantly moving, giving the impression of a swirling pool.



  • The Octopus can disguise as a smaller whirlpool.
  • Whirlpools have the same mechanics as a Hiding Holes.
  • Whirlpools do not spawn on lakes.
  • After March 14 2017, whirlpools were made less common in the ocean.
  • Sea Monsters and Krakens can create a Giant Whirlpool, but nobody can hide in it. Instead, it sucks other animals in to be eaten, and is mostly different to this one.
  • By pressing the dive button while going out of a whirlpool, you will automatically dive upon leaving. If you exit and re-enter the whirlpool, it is possible to survive forever.
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