Webs are a very unique type of terrain that can only be spawned from the Special Abilities of two animals; the Giant Spider and Blackwidow Spider). Thus, they don't spawn in any specific biome.


Giant Spider webs

  • Giant Spiders can spin webs on their abdomen. The web will start of small, but grow larger as you spin it. The larger it is, the more visible it is. However, size does not affect the time duration that the animal is trapped.
    • By pressing W again, you can drop the web. Giant Spider webs will disappear automatically after 7 minutes.
  • When an animal is trapped in its web, it will be trapped for about 30 seconds unless it is injured. The web automatically fades away if it is injured.
  • When made and ready, only edible prey gets webbed. Predators, non-edible prey and equivalents to the Giant Spider (excluding the Giant Scorpion, Black Dragon, Blackwidow Spider and King Dragon) will not be able to walk through webs. When touching one, they won't be able to use special abilities. can shove the webs around a little but can't move through it.
    • Non-edible prey is also poisoned by touching the web.

Blackwidow Spider webs

  • Blackwidow webs are a little different. You can spin the web on your tail/abdomen for a bit. The longer it spins for, the further out it will extend.
  • Unlike those of a Giant Spider, the web will only trap any animal that is prey to the Blackwidow (excluding the web's owner, non-edible prey and Black Dragons).
    • Predators and equivalent animals will merely be stuck in it for a few seconds, and unable to move/use special abilities unless hurt by a predator.
  • Prey on the other hand, will be dragged towards the Blackwidow by the web. Prey and A.I. Animals can spawn as a lure under the Blackwidow's web.
    • However, non-edible lower tier animals can physically move the item out of the web. If the non-edible animal tries to tail-bite any AI that spawns in the web, the bot will protect its tail, and even eat the animal if it's on low enough health.
      • The particular animal that spawns in the web varies, it could be anything from Gazelle, Fennec Fox, Warthog or Camel. Certain food types When the Desert biome was released into Beta on January 2019, Gobi Bears used to spawn as bait.
      • Notably, the Blackwidow won't get any XP from the AI killing prey. If an item spawns in the web, the web itself also becomes much more transparent.


The Web has 9 outer lines stretching beyond the main part of the web, with each connected by 2-3 small strands. In the center all of the main strands are formed together and give the appearance of a web. When an animal becomes entangled in a web, it will become slightly crumpled. For the Golden Giant Spider and Golden Blackwidow skins, their webs will be golden instead of white. However, this is purely an aesthetic trait and gives no other advantage.

Giant Spider's webs can vary in size; the bigger they are, the stronger they are in color. Small webs will be practically transparent, whilst large webs will be a bright white and easy to see. When shot out, Blackwidow webs will initially be easy to see, but will fade to be near transparent the longer it stays out there in order to fool prey.


The basic application for Webs is to catch prey. You can hide webs in bushes to make catching prey easy, or try ally yourself with an Eagle to catch prey, and throw them into your web. However, the two Spiders also have different usages for their webs, too.

As a Giant Spider, the ability to ignore terrain with the Web is vital. You can create bridges across the Rivers to have an easy escape route, you can create a bridge to the ocean, or if you want to risk it, you can try to create a Lava bridge. If you do decide to create a Lava bridge, patience is key. The Fire from the Volcano will make you drop your web a LOT. However, if you do successfully create a Lava bridge, it will be your necessity. You can easily get Watermelons without burning to much, and you have a vital defense against most predators. Important: If there is a Black Dragon occupying the Volcano, only make a Lava bridge if it doesn't attack. If it does attack, do something else. Because of the threat of Black Dragons and Giant Scorpions, it is best to have access to a hiding hole.

As a Giant Spider, you can hog Death Lake. The more Giant Spiders you have, the more webs can be created! You are a poisonous animal, so that means you are immune to the poison. Enlist a Golden Eagle or a Pterodactyl to drop in animals, and make sure you block them by pushing them further into wherever webs are abundant. You can also try find a beehive and place your webs around it. All the bees will come into the web and will die easily and you will barely get stung. However, beware of Giant Scorpions as there is definitely a chance that one will make the Poison Lake its habitat.

The Blackwidow Spider has different applications for when you should use the Web. You can try to throw your web into the ocean and catch fish. This might take a while, but if you catch a fish, they are almost certainly dead from the increased Water drain in the Desert. You can also just hide under a rock and wait for prey to fall for the bait, but either works. Note that your Web isn't useful for catching terrain, unlike the Giant Spider, so don't try that.

The Blackwidow Spider can also hide on rocks, so keep that in mind. Unlike it's cousin, the Blackwidow can climb rocks so you can sit on a rock and wait for prey to come by and aim your web! It also is convenient for avoiding the biting of all predators, as when it's hiding, the Blackwidow is unable to be harmed. However, hiding Blackwidows are still prone to aerial attacks from Pterodactyls so watch out for them.



  • Giant Spider is the first animal to create webs, and the first tier 14 animal to create its own terrain.
  • For some reason (possibly both being arachnids), Giant Scorpions were able to walk on webs sometime after March 2020. Black Dragons/King Dragons can too, but this is probably just because they can fly over them and are large enough to do so.
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