Watermelon is a food item in They can be found in the Volcano biome at the center of the map.


Watermelons give around 3k xp. They can be found in the center of the map where the volcano is, making it a bit risky to retrieve them. When water is shot at them, they will explode into watermelon slices.

Watermelon Slice

These are watermelons but in slices. They can be found in the volcano, giving 500 xp each.


  • It gives the second highest amount of xp for a non-breakable object (like a Mushroom Bush); the first is large Meat, which is dropped by high-level creatures such as Dragons and Elephants.
  • The safest way to eat watermelons without having to be a Dragon or Black Dragon is to be an Elephant and swing your trunk at the watermelons to eat them. However, watermelons do not give very much xp to high-tier animals such as elephants.
  • Watermelons and Watermelon slices give a little bit of water when eaten
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