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Not to be confused with Melons, .


  • Whole watermelons give around 3K XP each
  • Can be found in the center of the map where the volcano is, making it a bit risky to retrieve them.
  • When approximately 6 Water drops are shot at them (by pressing the 'S' key), they will explode into watermelon slices.


It is simply a green circle, with vertical, darker green stripes on it.


  • These are watermelons but in slices.
  • They come from watermelons, giving 900 XP per slice.
  • Slices can be created by pressing the 'S' key about 6 times onto the watermelon.
  • Watermelon slices altogether will give more water than the regular watermelon.


A single slice is a dark red semi-circle, with five black seeds on its left side

They are food items in, that can be found in the Volcano biome at the center of the map.


  • It gives a great amount of xp for a non-breakable object (like a Mushroom Bush); the first is large Meat, which is dropped by high-level creatures such as Dragons and Elephants.
  • The safest way to eat watermelons without having to be a Dragon or Black Dragon is to be an Elephant and swing your trunk at the watermelons to eat them. However, watermelons do not give very much xp to high-tier animals such as elephants.


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