The water bar. Don't let this get empty...


...or else this will happen! Note that you drop Meat after dying, and someone else can eat it.

Water is an important resource for player survival in . Not only is water required to live in the first place, it is also needed to dash/run away from predators. Some Animals , such as the Yeti, require a good amount of water to enhance their special ability (5 snowballs) . Water is also the main component in Water spot , Lakes, Oceans, and Mud .

Water drop


The water drop is a unit of water that spawns from water spots. Collecting water drops is one method of filling an animal's Water bar, the other methods are swimming in a Lake, going into the Mud, going into or around a water spot, touching a Healing Stone, eating specific foods (i.e. coconuts, blackberries, pears, watermelons, oranges), and swimming in the Ocean. Players can spit out water drops by pressing S (won't work in water, dissolves upon touching watermelon or mushroom)

When enough water drops collide with a Mushroom, it splits apart into Berries. If enough water drops collide with a red Mushroom, it splits into berries and Mushrooms. When enough water drops collide with a watermelon, it would split into watermelon slices. When LOTS of water drops collide with snow, it would explode. A common trait that is shared upon all of these foods is that the bigger the food, the less water drops are needed to collide.

Water spot

Water Spots are Land, Desert, and Arctic features that spawn water drops at the same rate as Berries spawn from Berry Bushes. Animals are able to go over and dive in Water spots. 


  • When the Orca and Blue Whale dives underwater, water drops or other food can come out of its blowhole.
  • Before the update on February 14, 2017, water droplets were outlined in dark green. Now they are outlined in light green to indicate that they can be eaten. (On Oct 26th the water was outlined in light green, but on Oct 27th it was back to dark green)
  • Phoenix, Pterodactyl, Land MonsterBlack Dragon, and rare Lava Toucan are the only animals that don't need water, instead needing to fill up a Lava bar, or an energy bar in the case of the Pterodactyl.
  • When animals go into water, their water bar doesn't go down, rather it goes up if it is below 100%.
  • Certain animals used to not be able to walk on Water Spots, but this was changed.
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