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Water is an important resource for player survival in There are two forms of water; water drops and water spots.

The water drop is a unit of water that spawns around water spots, but also can be found in random locations around biomes.



Water drops are small, completely circular drops that are colored blue. They have a green outline

Water Spots are features that spawn in all biomes except Ocean.


  • Water drops will spawn all around water spots, at the same frequency as a berry would near a berry bush.
  • When an animal is standing on a water spot, they also regain water but at a much slower rate compared to eating a few water drops.
    • Any animal that is normally able to dive in water bodies can also dive in water spots.
    • Certain abilities that can only be used in water, such as those of the Pelican and Flamingo, cannot be used in water spots.
  • Most food sources cannot go inside the water spot.


Water spots are medium-sized circles, around the size of a Dragon at 3M XP. They are also blue like water drops, but their color slightly overlaps the edges of the circles.



  • When the Orca and Blue Whale dives underwater, water drops or other food can come out of its blowhole.
  • Before the update on February 14, 2017, water droplets were outlined in dark green. Now they are outlined in light green to indicate that they can be eaten. (On October 26, 2016, the water was outlined in light green, but on October 27, it was back to dark green)
  • When animals go into water, their water bar doesn't go down, rather it goes up if it is below 100%.
  • Certain animals used to not be able to walk on Water Spots.
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