UPGRADED to Walrus!
You can slide on ice (Hold W) + can climb hills (rocks too!)

The Walrus is the 8th arctic animal and the Arctic equivalent of the Snowy Owl, Cobra, Giraffe, Stingray and Camel.



The Walrus has a circular maroon body with two side flippers and a V shaped tail. It also has two dots as nostrils on the front of its face, large black eyes, and two long canary yellow tusks.


Go to lakes and eat Ducks there. Use your passive ability to move fast in water to get rid of any competing animals, or evade predators. Ideally, eat Geese. They will try to attack you, but lose their health in the process and be eaten by you. An alternative is to eat red mushrooms, Arctic Nuts and Pears. Either of the three will help you level up very fast.

At this tier, prey isn't really worth going for. Seals are potential sources of prey, since they have the same capabilities, except climb slower on hills. Muskoxes will provide the most substantial XP, but can be harder to catch since they turn better on ice. However, by all means chase one if one is on low health, or if you work together with another Walrus/Snowy Owl to eat them.

If a predator does try to eat you, either go to ice and outrun them, seek refuge on a rock (hardly any Arctic animals can climb rocks), or go to a lake where most animals are slow in water. Beware of the Markhor, as they can climb rocks and their ability can be deadly and cause bleeding.

Against a Walrus

The Walrus can be a hard target, if not pursued in the best way. Since they do well on ice and water, they are equipped well for hunting and fleeing.

If you are prey to the Walrus, climb Trees since they can't get there. Almost all other alternatives will do no good, except fleeing to a Mud patch in the Land biome. If your animal has good grip on ice, evade the Walrus by constantly turning/chanigng directions. Don't move straight as they can slide to catch up to you easily!

As a predator, you need to limit the options for them. Steer the Walrus away from rocks and ice, and closer to lakes. You'll have the most chance of catching them in a lake, where they can be overcome by climbing trees and out-swimming them if your animal is a good swimmer.



  • The Walrus, Seal, Crab, Turtle, and the Dragon are the only animals that can go over rocks.
  • It was added in the December 26, 2016 Update along with the rest of the arctic animals except Wolverine.
  • The Walrus is one of the only 3 official animals to have Tusks.
  • Once again, the Walrus is also one of the only 3 animals that can slide on Ice.
  • Try naming the color of the Walrus; it can be either Magenta, Brown, or even Pink for some users.
  • In real life, due to the Walrus' sharp tusks, its only natural predator is the Polar Bear.
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