The Volcano is a terrain in that is located at the center of the map.


  • There is lava surrounding the Volcano.
  • Giant healing stones will spawn in the Volcano, but only one at a time. They can be used more extensively than smaller healing stones, as well as having a higher Health Bar.
  • After the #GoldenAge update of December 23 2019, the Volcano can erupt. In this phase, no animals can enter it and it will spew fire and be "rumbling/vibrating".
    • For a couple of minutes after an eruption, the Volcano can be climbed to give a superior(and often laggy) FOV of the surrounding area(similar to a Hill/Rock but larger), especially if the player is a Black Dragon.
  • Certain animals such as the Phoenix, Land Monster and possibly Black Dragon can use the volcano in the same way as that of a hiding hole. Only lava-bourne animals can use it in this way.
  • Watermelons and red mushrooms spawn in bunches around the Volcano.
  • After the August 11 update the volcano can now hide all lava animals. After 20 seconds they will start to drain lava.


The Volcano has dark brown ground, with lava circles around it, and some hills and rocks in the surrounding area too. There is a large circle of lava in the middle, but it doesn't harm any animals unless the volcano is erupting.


The volcano was meant to be used along with the Black Dragon, which drinks lava instead of water. The volcano came out in the same update as the Black Dragon and same with Healing Stones. Animals that aren't immune to lava, will be on fire when in the lava.

Standing at the center of the volcano soon after it erupts will drastically increase your FoV. This can be used to scout. If you are looking for prey or predators, stand on the center to see if there are any prey or predators. Likewise, if you have an AFK friend, you can stand on top of the volcano to spot any potential predators to them to get ready to save your AFK friend. This also works if you are looking to spot prey for a friend so you can help them level up.

There is also an Arctic Volcano that spawns in the arctic. Unlike this one, it has eruption phases that dramatically change the landscape. Refer to this article for more information.



  • The Volcano was released on April 9th, 2017 along with the Black Dragon after the Rivers Update.
  • There is a chance that the volcano could possibly erupt in the future.
    • This has been proven true in the #GoldenAge update.
  • At one point, the Phoenix could hide in the Volcano, but this was removed (possibly because the Volcano became overcrowded with Phoenixes or because Black Dragons would remove the only means of hiding for a Phoenix).
    • However, in Beta on June 27 2020, there has been a new feature allowing the Phoenix, land monster and black dragon to hide in it.
  • In the former servers USA South 4 and Asia 1, the Volcano has a lake on top of it. Like a Volcano, it spawns watermelons, and burns animals, but ducks will spawn there and die, providing lots of meat, as will fire tornadoes. This phenomenon is unofficially known as the "lakecano".
    • None of the current servers have seen to be hosting lakecanos.
  • Since 11 August update, the volcano animals can hide in the volcano
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