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Hi my friends (Lecikis/Isotope haters)! l am Shirkam but you can call me Romino or Sebas (my previous username was SebasTheSkrub, lol). l may be less active because the homework. Actually i'm not girl, l just like purple XD
Any question can go to my wall or my Discord account. Commonly l connect from 12:45pm to 7:00pm (Venezuela time).

l am a discussions mod and rollback of this wiki. l did my 1st edit on the wiki at mid December 2018, but l became active in June 2019;l became a discussions mod at the end of november 2019 because the wiki needed more people, but l got demoted in January 2020 because l became inactive (the internet went out until February 2020); Mono gave me disc. mod at the end of July 2020.

l adopted the spanish wiki for being administrator, and 8 september 2020 Andre promoted me to bureaucrat.

l've been playing since 9 november 2016 (my birthday lol), i'm average in the game and l hate a lot toxic ppl :<

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