"Mount Pinabuto is currently dormant. Please don't disturb it or you'll get blasted by a VEI8 Volcano!"



That's me! Just 3 days before the VEI6 eruption on June the 6th, I erupted at VEI4.

History Of Mope Meet Threads in Mope.io wiki:

Me in June 6, 1991

2 days after my eruption, the dust and air clouds which had previously been blasted 20km into the air drifted further and higher. The gas went 100km into the stratosphere, while the burning ash, tephra and dust went just 22km up and then descended on the nearby towns, devastating already ash-and-lava covered towns in a thick dust cloud. The fireball range was 3.5km, lava-flow range was 20km, ash plume range was 35km and duststorm range was 60km. Sadly, I killed 2722. D:

I was once an admin.

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Mount Pinabuto is an admin on Mope.io Wiki, they can appoint new thread and chat moderators. Mount Pinabuto moderates the wiki and the forums, keeping them clean and vandalism-free. Mount Pinabuto can also slay hackers and glitchers with their magic Fire!
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