Note: I'm a Wii Sports Resort fan, so that's why my profile picture is now Maka Wuhu. I still like tho. Here my Wii Sports wiki profile:

I'm a player who (being honest) is a noob at 1v1 (including not in arena). You can find usually in the New York servers. I have the username of (NH)(N)ur face (don't take this seriously, it's a funny name that my friend and I made up and I will chose a new name later on) and my friends name is Godzilla (no tags like SK or LND). I'm a peaceful player... well unless some people team with me an want to kill other people. In that case, well, I say goodbye to my peaceful terms.

Some stast (intentionally misspelled stats these all estimates so don't take these amounts as literal. Also based off since returning to game in September of 2020, not before. I've played this game since about the sandbox era):

Any% (not speedrun):

Chipmunk to apex: just about every time

Ice monster tier: Many times

BD/KD: A lot as BD, never KD. Ok, time to move on.

No help:

Chipmunk to Wolverine tier: every time

Sabertooth tier: 99%

Blue whale tier: 80 to 90%

Apex tier: 50%

Monster's: I've done it probably 20 times, most of it being farming, and the rest being stealing 5M kills that were tbh, pretty easy (I either just wait for them to come out of the water and they just keep on running away so they just travel the same direction so I just eat an easy kill, or I'm the sneaky dude and bite them when they want to be killed).

BD/KD: 3-5 times BD, none KD (again, IF I COULD FREAKIN' 1v1 I could have earlier but I just suck). The first one was when some BD wanted to get killed (not friend BTW) and it was just me and this Sabertooth who tried to kill him and I came out on top. Still died because I wanted to give me xp my friend and it GOT STEALED (TRIGGERED) because my friend died ;-; The second time I just farmed up and got BD. But apparently I'm a cursed human being and a KD was there to take me down. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The third time, again farmed up, but some pro leveled up to BD in like 5 seconds and killed me... TRIGGERED