Lives well on land & water! (On land, Press W to go into your shell!)

The Turtle is the seventh Ocean animal in, and is the equivalent of the Zebra, Donkey, Macaw, Warthog and Muskox.



The turtle has a brown shell with 5 larger circles and 4 smaller ones all being a lighter tone than his shell. The head is circular and the tail is triangular. Both are green in color. When players enter their shell, the head and tail disappear, and only the shell is visible.


Leveling up as the turtle is easy: Find Kelp as a few will give a ton of XP, enough to level up fast. You can also go to a river and farm the mushrooms and the mushroom bush.

In terms of prey, Jellyfish is an effective and easy one. They turn very slowly, and you are a lot faster than it is. The Jellyfish also has short breathing time. You can also cut corners on islands. Just make sure it does not go into a kelp as that gives jellyfish a lot of XP and can even level them up.

Another easy prey is the crab as you can do everything they can do and they have low health. If chasing other ocean animals, cut corners around islands and you can probably eat them easily.

If you are getting chased by a predator, go on an ocean island if the chaser is an ocean animal or cannot go on islands (such as hippo). If the chaser can climb islands, they will most likely slow in water (Bear and Gorilla) and you can outrun them. When there are no options available, i.e. if being chased by predators that go on land and move fast in water, hide in your shell until you can escape again. That will at least prolong any consumption for other animals.

If you want to level up at lightning speed, go to the land and farm bees in a water spot. Each gives from 7K XP to 11K XP, which can level you up in an instant. The desert is also great for farming, go spit water at melons in lava spots.



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