The Tsunami is one of the Natural Disasters in, that occurs in the Ocean biome. It was originally teased on July 2, 2017, but wasn't released until the #GoldenAge update of December 23, 2019.


  • Tsunamis are very rare.
  • Can occur anywhere, typically near the vertical shoreline in the Ocean biome.
  • They are essentially Killer Whale waves except larger, and less forceful.
  • Black Dragons may be unaffected by tsunamis, per KoA's video. However, Dragons are slightly affected.


In the original teaser, the Tsunami looks like a bunch of huge Killer Whale waves, coming out of a circle. It spreads far from the ocean. However, in-game it has the appearance of a Killer Whale's wave.


If you're an ocean animal, the tsunami isn't too much of a worry, due to its lack of force. If you are in the middle of a tsunami, dive under it as soon as you can, since there is a possibility of being washed onto shore. If you're an Orca, you could use tsunamis to your advantage. Reinforce the waves with your own powerup, to wash Sharks on shore. If you're a land animal, you could try pushing ocean animals that have been washed ashore further into land. However, the chances of this are slim, but it's worth a try. But if you're an ocean animal and happen to see a tsunami appearing, and you're near land, that is when you can dive as it's very likely you will get pushed off.






  • It was revealed the same time as the Boa Constrictor, the Cobra, and the Giant Spider, around 2017. Its release wasn't until late 2019.
  • Berry bushes and Bushes overlap the Tsunami.
  • Only animals with a passive flying ability won't be affected by the Tsunami
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