Hint: Hold Left-click to RUN! (Uses extra water)

The Trout is the second animal in, and the ocean equivalent of the rabbit.


The trout:


The trout, when first upgraded, is perhaps the smallest animal in the game. It is also the first animal with a tail, which unlike most animals' tails, cannot be bitten by its prey. Its body colored a rosy brown, with two pectoral fins, two adipose fins and one caudal fin.


Try to look for shrimps and mice in ocean. If you see a mice in the deep ocean, eat them easily. If you see a shrimp, use your ability to quickly catch up. Both of these animals level you up fast.  Another strategy is to look for a shark and eat the meat pieces when they use their ability.  A third strategy is to farm on a healing stone. They are purple colored stones that can level you up very fast. If you see a predator such as crab on a healing stone, go underwater then farm. If you are running out of air, then retreat. Repeat until you are leveled up. Finally, you can farm plankton, the way you do with shrimp. 



  • When it was first released, the trout had a glitched upgrade message, saying "Upgraded to rabbit" instead of trout. It was fixed the following day though.
  • The upgrade text has yet to talk about its ability. This trait is shared with Sea Horse, the Sabertooth Tiger, the Shark, and the Hippo.