Trees are structures in They have a 1/3 chance to spawn coconuts, and they have a 2/3 chance spawn out bananas, In Desert they used to spawn oranges, and the biggest tree/Arctic trees don't spawn anything. Its old design was just like a big and lighter hill since it had a bush on it. Only Seal, Crab, Turtle, Gorilla, Bear, Walrus, Polar Bear, Dragon, Black Dragon and all the animals that can fly, could climb or fly over it.

Their new design has a green/white/lime cloudish shape that resembles leaves, while in the middle it has a transparent tint where the trunk is showed with some branches. When you go underneath the tree, it will get fully transparent so you can see where you are, but you will get transparent yourself too. Animals such as, Gorilla, Bears, Foxes, Wolverine, Cheetah, Mice, Snakes, Spiders, Snow Leopard and Lioness can get up by touching the trunk and pressing the 'S' key. This way they can also get off. You can climb on other clipping trees. There was formerly an effect where if you didn't press 'S' to climb down the tree, you'd fall off and recieve a little damage. One portion of the land biome is covered in trees, being the 'forest' biome.


Currently, animals can fall off trees without taking damage, and you fall immediately, so tree climbers can fall straight onto the tails of unsuspecting non-climbing predators. However, if you want to do so, make sure you will level up from the tail bite, or the predator will retaliate and you won't be able to get back up the tree for a little while.


  • It's the only obstacle where you can fall of from.
  • First you didn't need to press S to climb the tree, only touch the trunk,this was later changed.
  • There was a rare bug where a coconut tree would spawn coconuts rapidly allowing most animals to become Dragons and their equivalents in a matter of minutes. However, this bug has been fixed.
  • There was a rare bug where a banana tree would spawn bananas rapidly allowing most animals to become Dragons and their equivalents in a matter of seconds. This bug's chance has been reduced greatly, but may still happen.
  • Overlapping trees of different types seem to spawn both.
  • Gorilla's ability said it needed to be touching a tree to throw items. This is false, as it can throw bananas and coconuts if you touch a hill or tree
  • Unlike bushes, the leaf-like things on a tree coudn't shelter you. However, now they can.
  • There was an old texture for the fir tree in the game files long before trees existed in the game. Unfortunately the texture was removed in an unknown update.
  • You can temporarily glitch an animal that can’t climb hills, such as mouse, onto the hill if you jump off a tree
  • You can also glitch a markhor, who can’t climb trees onto a tree by jumping from a hill onto a tree


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