UPGRADED to The Yeti!!
So it really exists...
Hold W to turn into snow, release W to freeeeeze!
Not to be confused with The Snowman, an animal with similar traits to the Yeti.

The Yeti! (formerly The Abominable Snowman) is the fifteenth Arctic animal in Mope.io, and is the arctic equivalent to The Snowman, Dragon, T-REX, The BigFoot, Pterodactyl, Phoenix, King Crab and Kraken.


The Yeti!

Aqua Yeti

  • All of the above.
  • Has a 1/120 rarity (0.83%).
  • It can climb rocks as well as hills.
  • When animals come into contact with the snowballs, they become 'ice statues'; they will be frozen and take extra damage overtime (this applies to all animals, any tier, A.I. or real player). However, Black Dragons and King Dragons will still move at normal speed when hit by a snowball but will still take the freezing damage from the snowball.


The Yeti!

The Yeti has a rock blue face with a humanoid nose and a freakishly smiling mouth with two tusks coming out of the bottom, looking almost like an underbite. It has a lion-like white mane with furry ears, and the rest of its furry body is a darker white.

Aqua Yeti

The Aqua Yeti is larger, has a more aqua-blue face, and has darker ridges on its back.

Golden Yeti

The Golden Yeti looks like the regular Yeti, except its fur and whole body is golden. Additionally, it has angry eyes, unlike the other counterparts. On its back, there are golden ridges like the Aqua and Emerald Yeti.

Emerald Yeti

The Emerald Yeti's whole body is green, and it has multiple emerald jewels on its back. On its back, there are green ridges like the Aqua and Golden Yeti.


As a Yeti

Try and get into a very crowded area (make sure there are no Krakens if you're in the ocean!), and freeze as many animals as you can. You can also try the "police" strategy where you find a lake and "claim" it, then let lots of food grow and eat it all, giving you lots of XP without any worries. Whenever you see Mammoth or Sabertooth Tiger, pursue them at all costs, freeze Sabertooth Tiger off hills as they are faster than you there. Also, dodge the snowballs of Mammoth when chasing it. Something good to note: Freeze does a lot of damage to Dragons, so the Yeti is perfect for Dragon hunting.

To kill Dragons easily go behind it and freeze it! Then, bite its tail and run away, when the Dragon comes after you, dodge their fireballs until your freeze ability recharges and freeze it again! Then, bite its tail again and run away. Repeat until you kill the Dragon! When battling The Kraken, turn around to the Kraken face to face when it uses the whirlpool ability so it can't bite your tail. Then freeze it and dive under it to bite it's tail. Also, lead the kraken close to the shoreline of the ocean, and press W! The Kraken will be blasted onto land, and you will find it easy killing it.

Going against a T-REX, you should be able to kill them with repeated use of your ability. Your ability recharges back faster than theirs but does less damage. However, go onto hills and avoid their jaws when fighting. Even with those disadvantages, killing a T-REX shouldn't be a problem. If you see a Pterodactyl flying, hide in a Hiding Hole before it can pick you up and drop you in the Desert, or in the Volcano to feed you to a Black Dragon or a Monster. If it isn't flying, freeze it, fight it, do whatever possible to make sure it doesn't get into the air (it's best to freeze the Pterodactyl while it begins to take off: shoot it down while you can, and then the Pterodactyl can't use its ability until it recharges. Use this to try and deal the most damage). You can also lure apexes like the Pterodactyl, Phoenix, T-Rex, and even a Land Monster to the ocean, where they are slow there.

If you get an encounter with a Black Dragon, freeze it and then you better be fast on your feet. Go hide in a hiding hole; if you do need to get water use your ability to freeze the black dragon. The black dragon will leave at some point because it will run out of lava within 10 minutes. But Black Dragons most likely will be in the Land biome. It is very unlikely for them to be in the Arctic as they take damage and cannot heal it. Also, beware for the Ice Monster as you're its main prey. Try to avoid them as much as you can. When they're chasing you, try to not get hit by the shards the Monster throws at you, as it will stun you for a long time, giving the Ice Monster longer the time to bite you. Try to go to the ocean and go inside a close whirlpool. Make sure the whirlpool is close enough by the Arctic as that you have a very short dive time. Otherwise, try to go inside a cave and wait until the Monster leaves. Also watch out for the other Monsters.

If you manage to find a large hiding hole quite close to a pair of hills with a bit of distance between (presumably enough for an elephant to fit), hide in the hole, and when prey comes between you and the "wall," stun it with your ability and enjoy your snack. Likewise, you can use your blast by baiting ocean animals with your tail (possibly saying "free bites," too), and them blasting them onto land or into the arctic, which will make them into your meal.

Use your white color to your advantage. Find a bush in the Arctic, which to your advantage are white. Hide in it and you will be practically invisible. Better yet, disguise as a snowball in it, and wait for prey to come. One way to almost guarantee a kill is to bite prey that passes by your camping spot few times, then freeze them and start chasing them. One use of the ability usually isn't enough to guarantee a kill, but biting them first will take down their health and you can enjoy your meal.

You can also hang along the edge of the Arctic, and blast Land Animals into the Arctic. You can also go into the land biome or stay in the arctic, and find a lake. You then use your freeze ability and consume Ducks easily, or find a beehive in the land biome and destroy multiple bees at a time with your ability. Beware of dragons and other apex tier animals. They may want to kill you, so if that happens, use your ability and rush back to the arctic if you know they can't go there. Or if that isn't an option, go into a cave.

Your ability can also slow animals down if you are being chased.

Some Ice Monsters are scared of Aqua Yetis, the rare variant of the Yeti, and they will immediately team with the Yeti. Some Aqua Yetis may be reluctant on teaming with them, and some gladly accept this advantage.

Now, this decision that you choose whether to team with the Ice Monster or not, is totally up to you. If you team with the Ice Monster, use it to your advantage because they won't attack you, and they're a higher tier than you, which can possibly make getting yourself to Monster tier even easier. However, there is a small chance that they could be tricking you just to walk alongside them for free XP for themselves.

But if you don't want to team with them, that's perfectly OK too, but a little more risky. Use your ability before they can react to it, and try keep a fair distance away from it because they have an icy bite, along with their own ability. Keep repeating with this strategy, and try going near the Desert too, as it will likely chase you there or you chase them there, because there are a lot of other people who would gladly try to kill this vulnerable Ice Monster. At the last second, after other people have done their thing, use your ability! There is a chance though, that someone else will get the kill, so try killing it when it's just under a quarter of health.

Against a Yeti/Aqua Yeti

Yetis are deadly predators - their ability is suited for slowing and killing prey, in the span of a few seconds. The Yeti's ability is a close-range one, so if you're its prey, just try avoiding it at all costs. If an Aqua Yeti makes you an ice-statue as prey, you're probably doomed. This is because it can damage you, and that combined with the ice-statue damage can effectively kill you. Avoid the snowballs as they will make you an ice statue. Both variants of Yeti are temporarily slower after they use their ability. You can try using this to your advantage, having a slightly higher chance of escaping. Prolong and potentially prevent consumption by stunning or slowing the Yeti with your ability if you can. Fleeing in the mud is a good idea - Yetis are slow there. You won't be able to get away in the ocean as they still move as per the normal speed. If mud isn't an option, run to the Volcano. There, Yetis will suffer burning damage, and it's risky for them with the many Phoenixes, Land Monsters and Black Dragons that inhabit the area.

If you're a predator or equivalent to the Yeti, you need to play carefully. Yetis can be fairly hard to kill. Their ability is great for defense as well - blasting you back and inflicting damage. If you can sense a Yeti is about to use its ability, try moving back a little, then advancing after the freeze radius disappears. This strategy works best for the Monster and Black Dragon, especially a Dino Monster as it can simply speed up and catch the Yeti. If you want, just take the full blast of the freeze. Lately, it doesn't deal a lot of damage, and you'll only freeze for a few seconds. As a T-REX/apex, do this so you can still keep up with the Yeti. If you're a predator and see an Aqua Yeti, just run. Predators have the upper hand of at least being able to quickly damage the Aqua Yeti and flee after, but for tier 15 equivalents, the Aqua Yeti can pursue you. The main thing to do is to avoid the Snowballs from an Aqua Yeti. They are the main component that damages animals - the freeze doesn't have much difference as the normal Yeti. If either variant is close to killing you, as mentioned before, flee to either mud or the volcano. Those are the weak spots for the Yeti. Even though Yeti burns in the desert, they can still survive there. If you see one, try to prolong its departure from the Desert, since they'll lose water at an extremely high rate.



  • This is the second animal to have 'The' in its name. (the first being The Kraken).
  • Yetis used to be able to fit inside small hiding holes.
  • This is the only animal that shows an exclamation point (!) in its name.
  • This animal used to have the longest name -21 characters- when it was still called The Abominable Snowman.
  • Something that is shared between The Kraken, Dragon and The Yeti is that they are all mythical creatures and are on top of the food chain of their respective regions.
  • Before Wolverine was added, it was equal to the Rhino and Shark.
  • Before snow was added, pressing W turned you into a suspicious white ball.
  • When snow was added into the game, The Yeti would still have a red outline, for prey only, when camouflaged as a snowball. This was fixed two days later.
  • Before Mammoth was added, this animal was equal to Hippo and Killer Whale.
  • It was secretly buffed on February 19, 2017.
  • The Yeti! is the one of the only arctic animals that can go on land without burning.
    • Although not damaged when it travels from Arctic to land, it gets damaged when near the volcano.
  • The Yeti has 2 glitches so far.
    • The first one is the Yeti instant-kill.
    • The second is the freeze ability Spam.
  • On July 28, 2019 Yeti got a reskin and a rare animal. They were implemented in-game in the #GoldenAge update.
    • The Yeti is the first apex tier to get a reskin, and the first apex to have a rare variant.


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