Terrorize the oceans, and be feared by all!
(Release W to use whirlpool ability!)

The Kraken is the fifteenth Ocean Animal in, and is the Ocean equivalent of The Dragon, King Crab, T-REX and The Yeti!.


The Kraken:

  • Upgrades from the Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 1M XP.
  • Upgrades to the Sea monster at 5M XP.
  • Can eat all animals below it to Fox and its equivalents.
  • Can be eaten by Monster tiers and Black Dragon.
  • Can't be inked or stung by Jellyfish.
  • Press and release W to create a giant whirlpool that sucks in all animals in the proximity range and stuns them, as well as harming them, allowing you to attack and eat them while they cannot escape.
  • Can stay underwater for 1.25 min (longer than any other animal).


The Kraken is one of the largest animals in, dwarfed only by the T-rex, Monsters and Black Dragon.

The body of The Kraken is squid-like and colored an almost sushi-green. It has eight tentacles, six of them being a shade darker than the rest of the scheme. The Kraken also has a large, triangular tail, embellished by two caudal fins - one on each side.

Based On

On a Wikipedia page about Giant Squid.

But the name is based on a fantasy creature called: Kraken


Stay most o the time in the Ocean, since you are the top animal there (atleast when there is no Sea monster around). Eating animals is the best way to get as much XP as possible. If you want to quickly eat animals, then you can use your whirlpool ability as either an attack or surprise element. Try turning your back at animals making you look like a tail-bite source, then immediately turn around, using whirlpool to eat them.

You have immunity to ink is very useful against Octopuses, and you'll get a decent amount of XP.

Beware of tail-biters. Your large tail and high amount of XP makes you a tempting target.

It is very rare to see  a Phoenix at the oceans. But if there is one, attack it! It will probably be an easy target because they cannot dive and they are very slow in the water. Try to lead it away from whirlpools and islands as they can hide in there. 

When fighting King Crabs, never fight near land or their ability can knock you out. The better strategy is to use your ability and try to get a tail-bite in. Then dive. Repeat until the King Crab is dead. However, if you are losing and is 1-hit away from death, moonwalk so the Crab can't tail-bite you, then dive the moment you can.

If you want to go stealthily, then dive under a hill, rock, or island and wait. Your super diving time allows you to stay hidden for quite a long time. When an consumable animal gets close, pop out, and use your whirlpool to eat them. You can also do this under a big plankton bush, or at the end of a river, as most players see the loot there as free, without being cautious.

When Trying to eat a Blue Whale, stay above water near its tail, and be ready to dodge its slap by diving under and popping out to whirlpool it towards you. A better strategy with more of a need of luck is to hide in an island near one and hope prey for the Blue Whale comes by, that way, the whale will decide to use its tail slap to stun its prey, which also means it now can't defend itself when you attack it. The same strategy applies to Orcas.

When going against a Dragon, try using your ability while the Dragon is not diving. Your ability can heavily damage the Dragon while helping you bite its tail. You should also make sure to dive if you are on fire.

When going against a Yeti, pull them deeper into the Ocean with your ability. The Ability will damage them and their dive time is very short(8s). Try to finish them off with a tail-bite, but you will still get 100-200K meat if you kill them with the ability.

Try to avoid the T-Rex when its on land. Only fight one if you are deep in the ocean.

Black Dragons are rarely at the Oceans, but that doesn't mean that they can't be at the Oceans. If you see one of them quickly hide under water or go into a whirlpool. Please do note that lava for the Black Dragon runs out very slowly. If you need water, hold W and go out from the whirlpool. You need to stay diving until danger passes. They will leave as they will need to drink lava. The only exception is if you are teaming. Then you can damage it with a whirlpool and then dive. 

Beware of the Sea Monster! As it can sneak up to you while your using your ability. It plays just the same game as the Kraken, but the Kraken is most likely food for the Sea Monster. So its better to go to an nearby lake to avoid being eaten by the Sea Monster. You can just go hide under a bush or hill and wait until there is a prey nearby. Then use your ability to kill it. Look out for other drag tiers as they can be pretty annoying. If there comes a Sea Monster in the lake, get out of there as quick as you can.



  • The Kraken's graphics are reminiscent to the Squid's, but is greenish, and much larger, darker, and has more tentacles.
  • The Kraken was added in the December 5th update.
  • It is the only animal to have the entire changelog belonging to itself. ("BEWARE THE KRAKEN!").
  • When underwater, it shows 4 tentacles, similar to the Orca and Shark.
  • The Kraken has the longest diving air bar in the game. However, it's believed by many that it's the same as the Hippo's air bar.
  • The Yeti!, the Dragon, and The Kraken are all mythical creatures, and are the third to top predators of the food chain in their respective biomes, but are beaten by the Monsters Black Dragon, which are other mythical creatures.
  • The Kraken was the first animal with "The" in it's name.
  • There was a glitch where if a Kraken went over a whirlpool, it would push out all animals inside of it.
  • Krakens cannot get tailbitten within 2 seconds of using its ability.
  • It got a huge buff on it's whirlpool ability, both the time and size increased.
  • This used to be the only aquatic tier 15 animal. Now it is accompanied by the king crab