UPGRADED to The BigFoot! So it really exists...
Right click/W to throw Spears.
Hold to make a fire (every 30s)

The BigFoot is the 15th Land animal, but also the first animal to exclusively spawn in the TimberLand biome. It is the equivalent of the T-REX, Dragon, The Yeti!, Snowman, Phoenix, Kraken, King Crab and Pterodactyl.


  • Upgrades from the Elephant, Cassowary, Blue Whale, Mammoth, or Blackwidow Spider at 1M XP.
  • Upgrades to the Dino Monster, Land Monster, Sea Monster, Ice Monster or Giant Scorpion at 5M XP.
  • It can only be bought in the Shop for 25,000 mope coins. However, there is a 1/1000 (0.001%) chance that you can get it by luck as an apex upgrade option.
  • Can throw a spear that will damage animals for about 6 seconds.
    • Being hit will cause bleeding, and prevent animals from entering any type of Hiding Hole.
      • Being hit by a spear will make the message "Ouch, you've been speared by your Ooga!"
  • By holding W, the BigFoot can create a 'campfire' of sorts. It is a solid object that burns any animal it touches, and can be created over objects such as hiding holes.
    • Animals cannot dive underneath the fire if it is on water.


It has a brownish hairy body with two fur-covered arms. It possesses a human-like head structure with a beard the same color as its face. It appears to have eyebrows and a furry chin. It has similar features as the Yeti and Gorilla.


Use your spear to hunt down prey. You can hit them from a decent radius away from you, so they can't immediately fight back. Because of the bleeding effect your ability gives, they will receive extra damage. Creatures cannot go in caves/whirlpools while having the spear stuck inside them. When going against other apex animals, keep your distance and use your ability on them, you could try to bite them too while they're bleeding, though that's not recommended, especially nearby a king Crab or T-REX. If you are more experienced with this, you could also try to kill Monsters or even Black Dragon tiers with it. You can go to the Desert and Arctic, since you won't get burned or frozen (it is still unknown if this is a bug or intentional). Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to hunt down Lava, Desert, and Arctic Animals. However, the biome that gives you the most benefits is the Amazon Rainforest, where you initially spawn when you choose BigFoot, since you are much faster even in the mud when you are there.

The Bigfoot can climb trees and when it does, it acquires the special characteristic of being able to impale flying animals even if they have prey in their claws, causing them to immediately fall to the ground (and the prey they were carrying to fall far away) with the effect of damage and bleeding from the spear. You can also impale animals on trees if the BigFoot is also on a tree, causing them to fall from the tree with the effect of damage and bleeding from the spear.

You can also make a campfire if you hold down W. When created over a Hiding Hole, animals inside will be forced out. It can even be created on water, and animals cannot go through it/dive under it. Hence, you should try blocking diving animals from accessing Hiding Holes if they are near death, or attempting to hide and regenerate their health.

And, as an extra option, you can use your spear to slow other animals down if you are being chased by a high tier animal (higher than you, which is tier 16).



  • This is the third primate-like creature in the game, with the others being Gorilla and The Yeti.
    • In addition, its design is similar to that of the Yeti, with the arms of the Gorilla and a brown color.
  • It's the third animal that has two arms that it can actually use, the others being Gorilla and King Crab.
  • BigFoot is so far the only animal that spawns and belongs in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • BigFoot is one of the very few animals that has two abilities, the other being King Dragon
  • This is the first animal that shoots a crafted projectile.
  • The Snowman and BigFoot are the only animals that can be bought solely from the shop, or through luck.
  • Although not a very well known fact, KoA hinted at the Bigfoot (OOGA-BOOGA) on Mope.io Official YouTube channel.[1] The post shows a picture of Bigfoot behind bars.
  • There is a separate YouTube channel called Ooga Booga, that as the name implies is devoted to BigFoot.[2]
  • There is currently a glitch where a BigFoot with “god mode” is able to shoot 2 spears in rapid succession and shoot spears from hiding holes.
    • In Beta, the glitch was fixed on August 11, 2020.


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