Terrain play an important role in Mope.io. They exist to aid animals in levelling up, and for other purposes of enhancing gameplay

Current terrains

Name Graphic Rarity Spawn In Which animal can hide in/climb it?
Bush Bush.png Common Land/Ocean/Arctic All Animals up to Dragon some animals get more sleath in bushes
Berry Bush BerryBush.png Common Land/Arctic Fox/Reindeer+ up to Dragon
Water Spot WaterSource.png Common Land/Arctic All Animals
Plankton Bush PlanktonBush22.png Uncommon Ocean Squid+
Hiding hole Hole.png Rare Ocean/Arctic/Land All Animals up to Fox and Giant Spider
Cave BigHole.png Uncommon Ocean/Land/Arctic All Animals except Black Dragon
Whirlpool Whirpool.png Uncommon Ocean All Animals except Black Dragon
Hill Hill.png Common (in the Land biome) Land/Arctic Crab/Seal/Turtle/Gorilla/Walrus/Bear/Eagle/Tiger/Octopus

(glitch)/Polar Bear/Markhor/Sabertooth Tiger/Boa Constrictor/Giant Spider/Dragon/Black Dragon

Sandhill Sandhill.png Common (in the Ocean and Desert biomes) Ocean/Desert (Future) Crab/Seal/Turtle/Gorilla/Walrus/Bear/Eagle/Tiger/Octopus

(glitch)/Polar Bear/Markhor/Sabertooth Tiger/Boa Constrictor/Giant Spider/Blackwidow Spider/Dragon/Black Dragon

Rock Rock.png Uncommon Ocean/Land/Arctic Crab/Seal/Turtle/Walrus/Eagle (used to)Markhor/Blackwidow Spider/Dragon/Black Dragon
Mud MudObstacle2.png Rare - only about 6 spawn on the whole map. Land All animals, some faster than others
Lake LakeObstacle2.png Very Rare Land All animals, some swim faster than others
Island SandObstacle2.png Very rare - only spawn in Lakes Lake All animals
Ice Uncommon - only spawn in the Arctic Arctic All animals, some immune to sliding
River River.png Very rare - only two spawn in total. Land All animals, some immune to river current
Healing Stone HealingStone.png Rare Arctic/Land/Ocean Dragon/Black Dragon/Eagle
Terrains in Mope.io
Bush.png BushBerryBush.png Berry BushWaterSource.png Water SpotPlanktonBush22.png Plankton SpotHole.png Hiding holeBigHole.pngCaveHill.png HillRock.png RockMudObstacle2.png MudLakeObstacle2.png LakeSandObstacle2.png IslandIce-0.png IceSnowball.png SnowballWhirpool.pngWhirlpoolRiver.png RiverVolcano New.png VolcanoBeehive.png BeehiveQuicksandDesert.png QuicksandOasis2.png OasisForest Tree.png TreeSpiderWeb.png Web
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