UPGRADED to Swordfish!
(Press W to rush with your sharp nose!)

The Swordfish is the tenth ocean Animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Bear, Walrus, Cobra, and Pelican.


  • Has a charge ability which speeds up the player and stuns prey. It is similar to the Rhino and Muskox charge in which it is hard to control.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it.
  • Can eat Berries, Plankton, Seaweed, Starfish, Kelp, Sea snail, Clam, Mushroom, Lilypads, Mushroom Bushes, all animals from Mole to Lion Their Ocean And Arctic Equivalents.


The swordfish is a blue circle with a triangular nose , 2 fins a triangular dorsal fin on it and a tail.


Press W to Charge. Like the Rhino and Muskox, the Swordfish can charge very fast, but it can control the charge, which is very helpful at times.

When chasing prey, use your charge ability to catch up to them, and hopefully, hit them. However, if they do dive, you still have less space between you and your prey and do it again when they are above water.

Snails are easy XP. Only around 3 is needed to level up.

Be especially careful when using your charge ability against a Kraken to bite its tail. The Kraken could end up using their ability to pull you in, and could use your lack-of-ability to turn against you, making you free lunch. Don't charge at it. Instead, tail-bite it (optional) and run away. If you get caught in a whirlpool, use it to escape.

However, you can still use your charge ability to bite animals like the Dragon and the Black Dragon. To do this, go into a whirlpool and when a Dragon, Black Dragon or other high-tiered animals get closer get out of the whirlpool and charge! You have time to run away as well when it's stunned.

As prey to the Swordfish, don't attempt to try to overlook the charge attack by purposely taking it as if you can avoid it. When the Swordfish starts to charge at you which you can tell by the changed visuals and the sudden burst of speed, dive immediately. If properly timed, you can avoid the Swordfish, and use the diving air to retreat to a Whirlpool.



  • When charging, the swordfish's eyes narrow to make it look like it's angry.
  • Its charge ability is slightly weaker than the Rhino's, since it's charge damage won't affect foods like mushroom bushes.
  • In the update with the Dino, the Swordfish can charge at its own species and predators.
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