The Starfish is a food source in that spawns near the Ocean biome.


  • Starfishes give around 70-300 XP, depending on what tier you are.
  • They spawn around the shore of the Ocean, and can also be found in rivers.
  • All animals from Jellyfish tier and above can eat them.
  • Even though Starfishes are technically animals, they show no signs of life as they cannot move, attack or defend themselves at all, and are consumable in a single shot.


The Starfish is a dark red animal, with five tentacles - one pointing north, one pointing east, one pointing south-east, one pointing south-west and another pointing west. It has a blue outline. In short, the starfish is a red star.



  • Ever since it has been added on March 14 2017 update, it has been speculated to be an animal. The Developers have never explicitly stated whether it's an animal or not.
  • The Clam is also an animal in real life, that shows no signs of life in the world.
  • In real life, starfish feed on small shrimp, sponges and krill.
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