UPGRADED to Squid!
Squids can use INK when injured (press W!)
+ you can hide in Red Berry bushes
Not to be confused with Octopi, a similar animal that spawns in the Ocean biome.

The Squid is the fifth ocean animal in Mope.io, and is the equivalent of the Deer, Flamingo, Reindeer and Gazelle.


  • Upgrades from Pig, Woodpecker, Seal or Sea-horse at 2K XP.
  • Upgrades to Jellyfish, Hedgehog, Peacock, Fox, Arctic Fox or Fennec Fox at 5K XP
  • Squirt ink ability will cause an ink patch to appear, which stuns all animals that aren't immune to ink. The ability will automatically kick in when the Squid is hurt, and it cannot be used if the squid isn't hurt (similarly to the Pig's ability when it's not in the mud).
    • Hence, the Squid is immune to ink itself.
  • Can eat Plankton, Berries, Mushrooms, Lilypads, Carrots, Mangoes, Dates and Cactus Pears, and all animals below it between Sea-horse and Shrimp.
  • Can be eaten by all animals between Jellyfish and Killer Whale.


The squid is a light turquoise animal, with a hue similar to the Dragon. It has 2 pairs of tentacles coming out of its front side, that have two suction pads underneath each tentacle. It also has a large, triangular tail with two flaps coming from each side of it.


If you are injured as a Squid, you can press W to squirt Ink, which slows and stuns other players for three seconds, allowing for a quick escape. However, Octopus are immune to squid ink, so it is best to avoid them, however getting eaten by an octopus is unlikely because they are likely to chase after players who have more XP.

The quickest way to level up is by biting a high-tier animal's tail (such as that of a Shark). It will be easier to follow a Shark or Killer Whale, since they would probably not bother you due to your minimal XP. If you do succeed, you can probably upgrade. If not, find a new predator. Like other lower ocean tiers, you can trail around a shark to scavenge off the meat pieces produced when it bites prey. This strategy will be a little more dangerous, in case the animal being bitten by the Shark turns out to be you. To avoid this, try look occupied and undisturbing; dive under land-masses whenever no other animals are around.

Healing stones are still somewhat-effective in this stage. However, in the next stage, healing stones would be useless unless you are injured, but even then you can just eat Kelp. If you see one, go for it to help the levelling up process. When a predator approaches, dive under the stone so that you can still leech XP off it and avoid being injured - don't use your ink ability unless you really have to. When your air gets low, run away.

If you want to try hunting prey, go for land animals such as Moles in water as they are all very slow in water (except for the Pigeon, which can fly, and the Pig, which is slightly faster than other land animals). On the flip-sie they have a very short diving time. As for water prey, Sea-horse and Trout have a boost ability to escape, Crabs can go on land, so Shrimp is the only animal that is easier. However, they give almost no XP, leaving the land animals on water the easiest and best prey to go for. 



  • It was hinted on November 30, 2016's changelog entry that the Squid would gain some sort of ink ability. It was added the day after.
  • It uses the same color as the Dragon. This makes it look like a  small dragon when "no animal images" mode is turned on.
  • If a Squid squirts ink, upgrades and enters its own ink, the player will be affected unless their animal is immune to ink.
  • It has the most animals in its order, Celphapod with itself, Octopus and Kraken.
  • After the December 18 2016 update, the Squid could not hide in Berry bushes, but in the December 21 update, it can hide again. Clickstan said this is a bug/glitch.
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