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Not to be confused with Skins, items bought in the Shop that can customize the look of animals at the player's choice, and are purely aesthetic.

You may also be looking for Tiers, which lists all common variants.

Species, also known as Rares, are slight variations of a certain animal that typically have strengthened technical characteristics, and a slightly different appearance that sets them apart from the common version of the animal. As the latter name implies, species are a lot harder to obtain than normal animals, and have a lower percentage rate of appearing. There is no guarantee of being able to select a species, as they appear purely by luck. Species were originally added on June 8, 2018, there have been countless editions since then.


  • An animal that is considered to be a 'species' will have a distinct trait that is not shared by the common animal.
  • The default animal and species will never simultaneously appear on the upgrade menu (unlike purchased skins).
  • Skin Differences are usually added for rare variants, being extremely hard to get.
    • Despite this, some of the rarer Skin Differences can be not as strong as the more common variants.
  • Almost all rare variants have extra/less health, and as a result, are harder/easier to kill.
  • While The Snowman, The BigFoot are purchasable in the shop, they are technically their own rare animals. However, if purchased in the shop for 3K coins, 20K coins and 25K coins they are still rares, but their chance of appearing becomes greater.



Main article: Pigeon
Pigeon (1).png Pigeon
The Pigeon will be an option 90% of the time, and is grey, with half-black feathers, a white stripe dividing the color on the feathers, and a black beak.

White Dove.png Rare White Dove
Also known as the White Pigeon, the Dove is a pure-white version of the Pigeon, that is an option 10% of the time, and is able to fly 25% faster when using its special ability. The White Dove also takes five bites to kill as opposed to three for the normal Pigeon. Coin count = 50


Main article: Pig
Piggy.png Pig
The Pig has an elongated body, longer and narrower than most animals, it has a round snout, pointy ears, and squiggly tail. The Pinky Pig is darker and has ears that point back rather than forward.

Newpig2.png Pinky Pig
Pinky Pig (49/250) looks similar to the Pig, except it's a darker shade of pink. Its snout is a little smaller, it has larger, floppier ears that are perked up, and its tail is curled at a slightly different angle. It's 10% bigger. Coin count = 0

Newpig.png Stinky Pig
The Stinky Pig is much more dangerous. It is a 1/250, (0.4%) chance, 20% larger, can dive in Mud, and can fart anywhere. Also, its fart does more damage and even out of the Fart cloud, the Stink lingers for longer than the regular Pig's stink does. The same physical Pinky Pig's appearance applies with the Stinky Pig, aside from its more light-pink skin color in comparison. It can kill with its own fart every animal to Rhino tier. Coin count = 50


Main article: Deer

New deer.png Deer
The Deer has a 237/300 (79%) chance of selection. It has a bright brown body, with multiple white spots near its bushy tail, and antlers. When holding W, the Deer can dig up food, producing various different food sources such as berries, mushrooms, water drops, and more (richer pickings can be found if the Deer digs in a mud patch, or near a water source).

Doe.png Doe
The Doe has a 60/300 (20%) chance of selection. It also has a brown body that has the same color of the Deer, but unlike the Deer, it has no antlers or white spots, and its tail isn't as furry. The Doe has the same special ability as the Deer, but has the advantage of being able to climb on hills, and has a stronger health bar, taking approximately five hits to be killed rather than three. Coin count = 0

Marsh Deer.png Marsh Deer
The Marsh Deer has a 3/300 (1%) chance of being selectable. Unlike the Deer and Doe, the Marsh Deer has a more contrasting appearance, being a lighter shade of brown, and having a white snout and ears, and lighter yellow antlers. It is also capable of using hills and rocks, also has an equivalent health bar to the Doe, and has the same special ability as the Deer. Coin count = 0

SCRAPPED: Before a certain closing of Beta, the Marsh Deer ability was reworked and now it was the same ability as that of a Gazelle. This was quickly discarded and they re-added the original Marsh Deer ability (dig for food). It should be noted that for some time after this, the Marsh Deer, using its Dig for Food ability, showed the jump animation of its previous discarded ability, but it didn't move and couldn't actually jump: this was also fixed.


Main article: Reindeer

Newest Reindeer.png Reindeer
The Reindeer has a 299/300 (99%) chance of appearing. It has a dark brown body, with antlers that are tanned, and a short fluffy tail; similar in many ways to its Land counterpart the Deer. The Reindeer is able to control its movement on ice patches, and can dig up food by holding W (also like the Deer, more XP-fulfilling food will be found near water spots).

Reindeer-0.png Musk Deer
The Musk Deer has a 1/300 (1%) chance of appearing. It has a black-furred body, without antlers, and two noticeably jutting-out sharp white teeth on its mouth. The Musk Deer is able to walk over hills and rocks, has a higher health bar (takes five hits to kill instead of three), has a considerably faster moving speed, and has the same special ability as the Reindeer of digging up food by holding W . Coin count = 0


Main article: Donkey

Newdonkey.png Donkey
The Donkey has a 98% chance of appearing on the upgrade menu. It has gray fur, with a darker furry mane on its head, a long slender head and snout, and a long tail that sticks out. It is able to move fast on mud, and dive in it. When the player presses W, it will kick with its legs, stunning the victim and damaging them (it will damage both predators and prey of the Donkey).

Jackass.png Jackass
The Jackass has a 0.14% (1/700) chance of appearing. It has dark gray fur, and a deep black mane that also extends behind its large ears. The Jackass can grow to be very large, much more so than the regular Donkey. It is also able to move fast/dive in mud, but has a much stronger health bar, taking about 2x more hits to kill than the regular Donkey. Another passive ability that is exclusive to the Jackass is the 'Mad Donkey', which when activated by "keeping your cursor close to your animal while boosting," will cause the Jackass to contort its face, and stun any animal that comes into contact with it (this will also hurt prey). The Jackass has the same special ability as the Donkey, but it inflicts superior stunning time and damage. Coin count = 300


Main article: Macaw

New Red Macaw.png Red Macaw
The Red Macaw or just a Macaw has a red body, with red wings that have a yellow stripe, with blue feathers on the end. Its tail feathers also have a blue stripe, and the Macaw's eyes have white rings around them. The Red Macaw can disguise in multiple different animals, and can fly two seconds longer than the Blue Macaw.

New Blue Macaw.png Blue Macaw
The Blue Macaw has completely blue feathers, with a green triangle above its eye, a yellow body and white eye-rings. It is rarer than the Red Macaw, being a 1/10 chance. It also flies 10% faster, and has a superior health bar. Coin count = 0


Main article: Giraffe

The Giraffe is an yellow animal with many detailed brown spots all over it. It has furry ears with a furrier mane going down the middle of its head. It also has a long extending snout/nose, and a tail with fur on the end.

Girabie.png Girabie
The Girabie is essentially identical to the normal giraffe, but everything yellow on the Giraffe is white on the Girabie. It has a furry mane with ears along either side of its head, Similarly to the Giraffe, it has a long snout and a fur-capped tail.

Momaffie.png Momaffie
The Momaffie is mostly identical in appearance to the Girabie, but the brown patterns are darker, the snout thinner, and the ears larger. The overall size of the Momaffie is also larger.

Normal white giraffe.png White Giraffe
The White Giraffe is again, similar to both the Girabie and Momaffie in appearance. However, again, the patterns on its body are darker and the overall size larger. In the Family, if the Momaffie or Girabie dies, he inflicts more damage and has an angry expression.

Note: The White Giraffe Family and Momaffie Family are also options that spawn by chance; for more, see this page.


Main article: Toucan
New Toucan 0.png Toco Toucan
The Toco Toucan is the most common species of Toucan; there is a 99% chance of receiving it. It has an orange beak with a black tip, a white torso, white tail-feathers and orange eye-rings. It has no exclusive features and is a generic, balanced Toucan.

New Toucan 1.png Choco Toucan
The Choco Toucan has a 75% chance of appearing, and also mostly has black feathers. It has a yellow beak with a crescent-shaped mark, a yellow torso and yellow tail feathers. Its perk is that its ability cooldown reloads 15% faster. Coin count = 0

New Toucan 2.png Keel-Billed Toucan
There is a 50% chance of spawning as the Keel-Billed Toucan. It has a very elaborate green beak, with two purple semi-circles at the tip, with two orange semi-circles in front of them, and also two blue marks near the start of the beak. The Keel-Billed Toucan is able to fly for three extra seconds with its special ability before having to land. Coin count = 0

New Toucan 3.png Fiery Toucan
The Fiery Toucan has a 25% chance of appearing. It has black body-feathers, with a yellow-orange torso, and a yellow-orange stripe near its tail feathers. The Fiery Toucan's beak is the same color, except slightly darker, and also is reddish around the end of the beak. It also has prominent blue eye rings. It is able to fly 15% faster than other Toucans. Coin count = 0

New Toucan 4.png Lava Toucan
There is a 1% chance to spawn as the Lava Toucan, which also has a black body, with red-orange torso, a stripe colored red, a black beak, and red circles around its eyes. Unlike other Toucans, it is immune to lava, has 25% more health (takes five hits to kill), and can also throw fireballs via its special ability. It also will shoot lava when pressing S instead of water. Coin count = 50


Main article: Cheetah
Newest Cheetah.png Cheetah
The Cheetah is pale gold, with multiple spots on its body. The spots are smaller around its face, and even smaller on its muzzle. The Cheetah is the most average version, being able to speed bost, and dive. However, all of the Cheetah's variants are 10% slower than it.

Newest Jaguar.png Jaguar
The Jaguar is another variant of the Cheetah that is an orange-brown, with different markings that almost look similar to eyes. On its head, these markings are more like semi-circles, with a tiny circle inside it. The Jaguar, unlike the Cheetah, is additionally able to climb on hills. There is a 5/250 chance of getting the Jaguar. Coin count = 0

Newest Leopard.png Leopard
The Leopard is a light yellow variant of the Cheetah, with horse-shoe markings all over its body. It is able to climb hills, and also has a longer diving time. There is a 4/250 chance of receiving the Leopard. Coin count = 0

Newest Black Panther.png Black Panther
The Black Panther has black fur, with black spots similar to those of the Jaguar's. There is a 1/250 chance that the Black Panther will be chosen on the upgrade menu. It is able to climb hills, and moves fast in mud. Coin count = 50


Main article: Pufferfish
Puffer fish.png Pufferfish
The Pufferfish has an 83% chance of being choosable on the upgrade menu. It has a brown, ovallish body, with two lighter brown stripes on both sides underneath its fins, and spikes all over its body. The Pufferfish's special ability, when activated, will hurt the victim and stun them for about a second.

Golden Pufferfish.png Yellow Pufferfish/Golden Pufferfish
The Yellow Pufferfish/Golden Pufferfish has a 16.5% chance of appearing. It is phsycially identical to the Pufferfish, except it is yellow, and has white stripes down the sides of its body. It also has the same special ability as the Pufferfish, except the Yellow Pufferfish's also causes bleeding, making the victim unable to move for a few more seconds. Coin count = 0

Unknown puffer.png Demon Fish
The Demon Fish has a 0.16% chance of appearing. It has a purple body, glaring black eyes, and much more prominent spikes. When touched by another animal, the Demon Fish will cause it to be stunned and damaged slightly. When activating its special ability, the Demon Fish inflicts considerably more damage than the Yellow and regular Pufferfish, and its ability will not deactivate if hurt by a predator, unlike the other two. Coin count = 50


Main article: Tiger

New Tiger.png Tiger
The Tiger is the simpler version; it has orange/black striped fur, but its exact rarity in comparison to the White Tiger is unknown.

New White Tiger.png White Tiger
The White Tiger is the only species of Tiger currently. Its rarity has not been confirmed by the developers. The White Tiger, as its name implies, has white and black fur instead of orange and black, and also has a superior health bar. It also has a higher health bar, a faster ability recharge, and a bigger leap. Coin count = 50

Lion subspecies


Main article: Lion

The Lion has 10 different skin differences; 3 regular color, 3 white, 3 black, and a special black-maned. There are also two other species called the Lion Cub and Lioness, all of which also have the aforementioned skin differences too. All Lions have the same 'Roar' ability, and are able to climb on trees.

The Lion has a yellow body, with a furry brown mane, and a dark-ish muzzle. There is an 1/4 (25%) chance of receiving it as an option on the upgrade menu.

BM Lion.png Black-Maned Lion
The Black-Maned Lion has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance of appearing. It is physically identical to the regular Lion, except (as the name implies) it has a black mane. Also unlike the regular Lion, its 'roar' ability will damage predators and prey, and is able to move fast in water that is not the ocean. Coin count = 50

W li.png White Lion
There is a 7/500 (1.4%) chance of receiving the White Lion. The White Lion's body is mostly colored white, with the exception of its eyes and nose. The mane fur and tail-fur is a darker shade of white. It is able to climb on hills, and can damage predators with the special ability. Coin count = 50

B lie.png Black Lion
The Black Lion has a 1/1000 (0.1%) chance of appearing. It has a completely black body, with the mane fur being a darker black. The Black Lion is able to damage predators with its ability, but can climb hills and rocks. Coin count = 50


Main article: Lioness

Sutakis.png Lioness
There is a 3/25 (12%) chance of receiving the Lioness. The Lioness is yellow, with short fur, that becomes slightly larger at its head. Unlike the Lion, the Lioness has no mane, and its ears are lower down on its face. The Lioness has the same abilities as the regular Lion, but is able to move extremely fast. However, as compensation, it has an inferior health bar. By standing still, the Lioness is able to turn invisible and 'camouflage'.

W lin.png White Lioness
The White Lioness has a 5/120 (4%) chance of appearing, and looks identical to the Lioness except for its white-colored fur. It also has all the same features as the Lioness, but can also climb on hills. Coin count = 50

B lin.png Black Lioness
The Black Lioness has a 1/120 (0.8%) chance of being choosable. It is a black-colored version of the Lioness, and has the same features as it. However, it is also able to climb both hills and rocks. Coin count = 50

Lion Cub

Lion cub.png Lion Cub
The Lion Cub has a 3/50 (6%) chance of appearing. Lion Cubs are much smaller compared to the Lion, with round semi-circle ears, large eyes, and yellow fur. It can climb trees, and also is able to roar, but the ability has a much smaller diameter. The Lion Cub also has very low health, taking an average of two bites to kill from a predator. Lion Cubs also do 40% less damage when biting prey.

W lic.png White Lion Cub
The White Lion Cub (5/60) is identical physically and mechanically to the Lion Cub, except it has white fur instead of yellow. However, it is also able to climb hills. Coin count = 50

B lic.png Black Lion Cub
The Black Lion Cub (1/60) is also physically and mechanically identical to the Lion Cub, save for its black fur. Also, it can climb on hills, rocks, and is able to camouflage. Coin count = 50


Main article: Eagle
Newer Eagle.png Eagle
The Bald Eagle is a brown-feathered eagle with a white head, white-tipped tail feathers, a canary-yellow beak and round black eyes. It is able to pick up prey with its special ability, and will stun predators if colliding with them.

New Golden Eagle.png Golden Eagle
There is a 28/5000 (0.6%) chance of obtaining the Golden Eagle. It has browner feathers, all over its body in contrast to the Bald Eagle. Its beak is yellow, but has a splash of black on the tip of it. The Golden Eagle's extra perk is that it is able to pick up any animal up to tier 16 (Monster Tier), and drop them. It also has extra health, and takes eight hits to kill instead of five. Coin count = 50/75

Shahbaz.png Shahbaz
There is a 1/5000 chance of obtaining the Shahbaz, a species of the Eagle. The Shahbaz can climb on hills, rocks, and when pressing W, will start flying and can pick up every animal except for the King Dragon (unlike the Golden Eagle, which is limited to Monster tier) and drop them. It also has a higher health bar than the regular Eagle. Coin count = 400

GoldenShahbaz.png Golden Shahbaz
There is a 1/5000 (0.02%) chance of obtaining the Golden Shahbaz, a stronger form of the Shahbaz. The Golden Shahbaz also is able to use hills, rocks, and has the same flying ability as the Shahbaz, except with no limits; it can pick up and drop all animals in including the King Dragon. It can also fly for 16 seconds; longer than any of Eagles, and has extra health. Coin count = 500


Main article: Rhino

New Rhinoceros.png Rhino
The Rhino has a 98% chance of appearing. It has a gray body, with dark-gray ears and a short pointy tail. Near its round black eyes, the Rhino has two beige horns. It is able to move fast/dive in mud, and water, and when pressing W, will charge and damage prey that is hit by the horn.

New White Rhino.png White Rhino
The White Rhino has an 8/1000 (0.8%) chance of appearing. It has a white body, with dark-white ears, and two beige horns. The White Rhino has the same mechanical traits as the regular Rhino, except when boosting, it can move extremely fast, and when charging with its special ability, will inflict high amounts of damage to both prey and predators. The White Rhino charges slightly faster compared to the other two Rhinos. Coin count = 50

Black Rhino-0.png Black Rhino
The Black Rhino has a 4/1000 (0.4%) chance of appearing. It has a black body, with even darker ears, and two gray horns. The Black Rhino has the same mechanical traits as the regular Rhino, except when boosting, it can move extremely fast, and when charging with its special ability, will inflict high amounts of damage to both prey and predators. The Black Rhino can deal more damage than the White Rhino, but isn't as fast as it. Coin count = 50/100


Main article: Markhor

Markhor.png Markhor
The Markhor has a 125/500 (25%) chance of being selected, and surprisingly, both it and the Big Goat are rares. It has light gray tufted fur, a small bushy tail, spiralling horns on its head which is a lighter color of gray/white. Markhors are able to climb on hills, rocks, and can exist in the Land and Ocean biomes without experiencing debuff. The Markhor's special ability has two effects; when standing on a hill or rock, a crosshair will appear. By clicking on a certain location on your screen, the Markhor will jump to wherever that crosshair has been placed (although it is considered to be a flying animal when this effect is in action). The second effect is, when the Markhor is standing on low ground, it will rear back and ram into prey, causing them to be thrown away and bleed when falling to the ground for approximately 4-5 seconds (this works on animals that are from tier 11 and below). Coin count = 0

New Big Goat.png Big Goat
The Big Goat has a 1/100 (1%) chance of being selectable, and is rarer than the Markhor. The Big Goat has a strikingly similar appearance to the Markhor, with the exception of its khaki-brown fur, and horns that curl outwards a lot more, rather than closely-compacted spiralling horns. The Big Goat has the same passive abilities as the Markhor, but it is additionally able to exist in the Desert without burning. It also has the same special abilities, except the Big Goat can jump 50% further from hills, and its ramming ability can deal 25% more damage, and is effective on animals up to Apex Tier. Coin count = 300/400

The Yeti!

Main article: The Yeti!

Newyeti.png The Yeti!
The Yeti is a large humanoid with white fur, furry ears, a rock-blue face, and two fangs that look to be an underbite. It has a 595/600 (99%) chance of appearing, and is able to climb on hills, move fast on ice, water, and doesn't burn when in the Land or Ocean biome. When pressing W, the Yeti will roar and create a temporary freezing circle that damages and stuns animals. Snowballs will be launched simultaneosuly, which inflict further damage and stunning.

Aqua Yeti.png Aqua Yeti
The Aqua Yeti has a 5/600 (0.8%) chance of appearing, and has a similar appearance to the Yeti except that its face is cyan color, as is its fur. The Aqua Yeti also has the same special and passive abilities, except when an animal comes into contact with snowballs from its ability, they will become an ice statue which freezes them in place (except for Black Dragon and King Dragon) and takes a sliver of health away in brief increments, overall up to 6-7 seconds. Coin count = 50/75

Black Dragon

Main articles: Black Dragon and King Dragon

Beta BD.png Black Dragon
The Black Dragon is a large dragon, with a black body, orange bat-wings and a pointy tail. It is able to shoot out two fireballs by pressing W, which becomes three if the Black Dragon gains 20 million XP.

King Dragon.png King Dragon
The King Dragon is a rarer variety of the Black Dragon. There is a 1/1000 (0.1%) chance of it appearing on the upgrade menu instead of the Black Dragon, however, it also can be obtained by killing all tier 15 and tier 16 animals (Apex and Monster) as a Black Dragon, excluding the BigFoot and Snowman. It has a slightly contrasting appearance to the Black Dragon, having a more prominent spine and brighter orange wings. The King Dragon's tail is longer, and its eyes are bared. When pressing W, the King Dragon will exhale a fire-stream, which has many more flames. It can also tail-slap by pressing S, which deals lethal damage. Coin count ≈ 40

Pakistani Variants

Main articles: Macaw, Toucan, Vulture and Eagle

Pakistani variants of animals are birds in that are based on the country of Pakistan. All of them, with the exception of the Shahbaz varieties,[1] have a distinct green and white color scheme that matches the flag of Pakistan. The Pakistani Macaw, Toucan and Vulture have a 1/3000 (0.033%) chance of being selected instead of their common counterparts.

New Pakistani Macaw.png Pakistan Macaw
The Pakistan Macaw has a dark green body, with white circles around its eyes, a feathery tail and wings that hide the Pakistani flag's crescent-logo, which can be seen when the Pakistani Macaw flies. It is able to climb on trees, hills, has two special abilities: fly by holding W on low ground or on a tree, which is a lot faster than the regular Macaw, and disguise by holding W on hills. The disguises available to the Pakistani Macaw are not limited, as it can disguise as any animal in the game. Coin count = 300/???

Newer Pakistani Toucan.png Pakistan Toucan
The Pakistan Toucan has a dark green body, with a medium-sized tail, orange and blue circles around its eyes, an orange beak with black spots on the end of it, and the Pakistan flag's crescent logo underneath its wings. The Pakistani Toucan is immune to lava, can climb on trees, hills, and has the ability to fly by holding W. Upon landing (if takeoff started at a fruit tree/bush), it will throw a resource, and is able to throw all resources that a regular Toucan can with the addition of water drops and fire. Coin count = 300/???

Pakistan Vulture.png Pakistan Vulture
The Pakistan Vulture has a dark green body, with green feathers, a barely-visible tail, a white head, a dark green beak and the Pakistan flag's crescent logo that is also hidden under its wings. The Pakistani Vulture is able to climb on hills, rocks, and when pressing W, it can pick up a carcass and all (except for Black and King Dragon) living animals and drop them after a few seconds, unlike the regular Vulture. Coin count = 300???



The community harshly criticized the rare buff on March 12, 2020, which according to KOA was an attempt of integrating Wild Mope into FFA to make up for Game Modes not coming back.[2] The main source of criticism was abilities being too overpowered, specifically for the Golden Eagle, White/Black Rhino, Aqua Yeti, and Jackass. It was argued that said rares ruin the game as apexes (especially the Black Dragon) had no chance against a gang of them, because they were too powerful to fight off and there were too many of them due to the fact that they weren't rare enough. The backlash went on for a while, until KOA finally decreased the rarities around August, nerfed Golden Eagle and the rare Rhinos, satisfying most players.


  • When asked if there will be more animals with skin differences, Sam.ple said that Clickstan didn't like the idea, even though Sam.ple did.
  • Some of the animals may have unknown chances.
  • The White Rhino was the first Rhino variant to be added, the Black Rhino was added much later.
    • Interestingly, the White Rhino was currently rarer than the Black Rhino, after an update on the chance of both variants, now the Black Rhino is rarer than the White Rhino.


  1. The new Shahbaz species were confirmed to be Pakistani animals in the update on January 2, 2021.
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