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Welcome to the Wiki! Whether your contribution is a small tweak, or re-writing a whole page, all good-natured contributions are appreciated. If you need help getting started or want to communicate with other players, take a look at some of the links below.

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  • Clean up the wiki; fix any grammatical errors and make sure that each page stays true to the page layout guide.
  • Alter any repetitious article sections, or sections that are overly-detailed and too wordy and replace them more appropriate text.
  • Update pages to make sure they match the new updates that have been added to beta during June 24-27.


  1. Pick a page in Category:Stub
    1. Expand the article and make sure it adheres to the page layout guide.
    2. Remove any flaws or inconsistencies, such as spelling or information errors.
    3. Make sure the article has the correct categories, and be sure to add any missing ones.
  2. Pick a page in Category:Stub/Lacking images
    1. Take screenshots/images of that feature when you play as it in-game.
    2. Upload it to the wiki, and add the image to the gallery section.
    3. You can add 'Screenshot taken by [your username]' in the image description section if need be, but this is optional.
  3. We are currently in the process of adding Medals to this wiki that can be earned by fulfilling specific tasks.
    1. See this page on the Developers Wiki for more info about medals in general.
    2. To suggest new medals and see a list of current medals, refer to this blog and add a comment on new medals you want added.
  4. Go to the Tiers page.
    1. Create any necessary subpages - Tiers/Tier [number]. E.g. for a tier 1 page, call it "Tiers/Tier 1". Uncreated subpages will show up as red links - click on it to create the page.
    2. Make sure the subpage follows the format that the rest of them do, again refer to the Tiers page to see.

Administratory tasks

  1. Update MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation. ✔️
  2. Change the Main Page, and make sub-templates for it. Also delete unused sub-templates that were for the main page.
  3. Create a category for all A.I. animals. ✔️
  4. Update the rules to make them more in-depth and informational. ✔️
  5. Add new Medals, and hand them out accordingly. ✔️
  6. Also update Medals/doc so that users can see a full list of medals available.
  7. Update the {{ImageLink}} template so that the images show the newest reskins in accordance to Beta's updates.
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