Social media or Social networks are platforms are used by the Developers of to connect with fans, leak spoilers and send messages to the community about possible upcoming updates.




Discord.png Official Discord, also referred to as Mopecord, is a chatting site. fans and developers are able to communicate there freely about topics with the community. The invite link is here.

Twitter official Twitter is also a platform in which the devs can post information about new updates, or related things. It is located here.

YouTube Official

Per the June 4 2020 update, the former ' Official' channel has now been divided into two channels: Dev King of Agario, controlled by KoA and Dev Stan, controlled by Clickstan.

King Of Agario

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The King Of Agario YouTube channel, formerly known as Dev King Of Agario,[1] has videos of new updates, spoilers and features KoA and Clickstan playing with fans. They currently have 74,300 subscribers. Additionally, 'MopeTubers' Fortish and SK are stated as the official partners of the YouTube channel in the outros of some videos.[2] Fortish is sometimes seen in the channel's fan livestreams too. However, new update hints will be exclusive to ' Official Stan', and KoA's channel will only be for fan content. KoA used to have another channel named 'King Of Agario', but it was switched with his son, Momo Gamer.[3] Dev Stan

Due to KOA and Stan having divided their channels, Stan's individual YouTube channel is now called ' Dev Stan.' Officially announced on the Changelog on June 4 2020, the channel is yet to have content on it but presumably will have some soon, relating to new Mope content and updates.

Ooga Booga

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Ooga Booga is a promotional channel for The BigFoot. It has trailers and livestreams of KoA as The BigFoot, with currently 1000+ subscribers. The link can be found here. Despite it centering around BigFoot, there have been newer videos featuring the BigFoot on Official channel.



CommandoPro1, formerly used as the personal channel of King of Agario, has recently been taken over by his son, Momo Gamer on June 28, 2020.[3][4][5] Before their channel swap, KOA posted videos and also some other gaming content. Since the swap, Momo has done Fortnite and livestreams, for "enjoyment during the COVID-19 pandemic."[5] CommandoPro1's subscriber count currently stands at 15.1K, and the channel link is here.


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Recently an official merchandise store was added on with multiple products. It can be found at Some merchandise found there is clothes, pillows, tapestries phone cases and many others. The merch typically has a popular animal from the game such as the Dragon, Queen Celeste or The BigFoot.


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The old banner on's YouTube channelMopeio Official masthead 2.png
The new banner on's YouTube channel
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Mopeio Official YT Logo.jpgMopeio Official YT Logo 2.jpgThe older and newer profile pictures of's YouTube channel (newer one has the latest Mouse skin).


  • The Subreddit and KOA's youtube channel have been around since was first released.
  • On Discord, the icon for the discord channel is a .gif that switches from the Ocean (with Plankton bush to Land (with water spot), to the Arctic (with a Berry Bush to the Desert (with a Venus Fly Trap).


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