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"Soccer Pumpkin" was previously a removed feature, but has now been re-added to the game. Please don't add any uncomfirmed data or the Lemming will be removed again!

The Soccer Pumpkin is a feature that currently is implemented in It spawns in any random biome, and gives XP to whoever is holding it.


  • Pumpkins will spawn in any random location on the map. They are labelled on the map as an orange dot, with a red outline. It will move depending on who is controlling the pumpkin
  • If any animal (including AIs) touches the pumpkin, it will grab it, thus gradually earning XP. There are two commands you can use when in control of the pumpkin:
    • Pressing S will cause you to pass/throw it in whatever direction you're facing.
    • Pressing W will cause you to "kick" it, making the Soccer Pumpkin be forcefully pushed a distance away from you. This phenomenon is unavoidable if you are stunned or damaged while holding the Soccer Pumpkin.
  • 'Goals' can be scored by pushing the pumpkin into a Big Hole or whirlpool. When this happens, the word "GOAAAAAL!!!" will appear above a hiding hole, along with an orange circle outside of the hole. After that, the number of goals that have been scored by the scorer will appear, and the XP-bonus that they gain. The XP earned can vary, but could potentially be millions if enough XP.
    • Additionally, scoring a goal gives 10 coins below Tier 10, 15-20 coins from Tiers 10-14, 30 coins for Apex tier, 40 coins for monsters and 50 coins for the King Dragon.
    • After a goal is scored, the pumpkin will disappear completely off the map.
  • When not holding the pumpkin, by pressing S, spitting water or lava will stun any pumpkin-holder temporarily and cause them to drop the pumpkin. Note that water will only stun while an animal is holding the pumpkin.
  • There are two rare variants of the Pumpkin: Golden Pumpkin and Jack 'o' Lantern:
    • The Golden Pumpkin provides much more XP and coins.
    • The Jack 'o' Lantern provides 5K XP and 2K coins, and is only available from October 23-November 6, 2020.


  • The Pumpkin is a constantly moving, orange circle with multiple layers. It also has a green stem up the top.
  • The Golden Pumpkin looks similar to the Pumpkin, except all of its flesh and the stem is a golden color.
  • The Jack 'o' Lantern looks similar to the pumpkin except it has a carved-out face. It has bared eyes and a smiling mouth with candle-lit fire visible from there.


Obtaining the Pumpkin

If you are pursuing a pumpkin, there will most likely be a herd of animals all chasing after the pumpkin, particularly High Tier Animals that are looking to gain coins. Because of this, it's sometimes a good idea to break away from most other players and intercept the pumpkin-holder at a spot where you think they will go to at some point.

First and foremost, to steal a pumpkin off of someone, you will have to somehow damage or stun them. If a pumpkin-holder is prey to you, by simply catching up to them and damaging them, this will allow you to forcefully throw the pumpkin out of their grip. One option is to use a stun-based Special Ability on them. Special Abilities that have some sort of stunning effect will cause the pumpkin-holder to drop it. For this reason, birds or animals that have speed-based abilities can excel in doing this to catch up, particularly the Falcon. The Stingray is also a good animal as it can dive and sting, then while the animal is stunned, steal the pumpkin that is nearby and easily upgrade to a different biome with the pumpkin. Eating a few Big Kelp will easily allow you to upgrade. However, a much easier and simpler method of gaining the pumpkin is to spit water (or lava depending on your animal, either works) at them by pressing S causing stunning and for them to drop the pumpkin. This may require a lot of water, so use healing stones to your advantage, but also use each drop wisely. Note that this will be impossible for Ocean animals that are deep in the ocean, and for the Pterodactyl as it can't spit anything.

Maintaining the Pumpkin

If you are holding the pumpkin, then make sure you stay ahead of anyone else who tries to get it from you. Special Abilities cannot be used whilst holding the pumpkin, but your speed is slightly increased. Even though scoring a goal would get you a bundle of XP, if there are not too many animals trying to chase you for the pumpkin, hold onto it for as long as you can, particularly if the pumpkin is a Golden pumpkin. You'll probably earn more coins/XP overtime by preserving the pumpkin. However, when being overwhelmed by other animals, it's best to score a goal so that all other players will move away.

When at Apex/Monster/BD tier, if someone does steal a pumpkin, it's easier to use special abilities to make the stealer drop the pumpkin. However, it can be harder for other creatures to regain their prize. A way to cover a lot of distance away from other players, is to upgrade into a different biome. An example is, say a Warthog was holding a pumpkin, and being chased for it. If the Warthog were given the option to upgrade, by picking an Arctic tier 8 animal, it would be transported to the Arctic along with the pumpkin. The player should take note of which types of animals are chasing them, and when upgrading, select the biome that is the most far away from all surrounding players. This strategy is only reliable for low tiers that are able to upgrade within a few minutes.



  • The animation for the Armadillo's Special ability is comparable to a re-colored version of the Pumpkin.
  • The golden pumpkin is the first in-game artwork made by Feesh.
  • The Jack-O-Lantern was removed on November 6.


  • Around the time when the pumpkin was re-added, there was a glitch in which the pumpkin would provide extremely high measurements of XP, around the 100K-500K mark. This allowed low tiers to get to tier 12 or 13 within seconds.
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