UPGRADED to Snowy Owl!
Aim the crosshair,
right click/W when it's on top of prey, to attack!


  • The Snowy Owl has the unique ability among all the birds to target the prey it is swooping down on, unlike the falcon, which can only aim at a spot and hope for the best.
  • On the June 8 toucan update the Snowy Owl was moved to wolf tier from previously snow leapord tier.


Looks white with a small gray beak and angry eyes. The body is mottled gray.

Based on

Bubo scandiacus (Bubo latin world for Owl), Also known as Polar owl in other languages. Based on name and behavior, Snowy owl is a Sub-polar animal, mostly found in Canada and in Russia.

Snowy Owl is mostly targeting for small animals like rodents, instead of big animals like Muskox.

And does not have angry eyes in real life.


Upon pressing "W", a crosshair will appear. Unlike the next bird, Falcon, it can follow moving animals. So, you have to try to place it on an animal, and it will dive onto it, stunning it for a few seconds. However, if you are unable to set the crosshairs on an animal, you will stay in the air until your ability cools down. But, that's not all! Try moving around to do more damage.

Arctic Foxes, Reindeer, are all easy targets. Make sure they are nowhere near holes then drag it while doing damage. Try dragging them into a corner to easily kill them.

Muskox are good choices for food, but they can be hard to catch even with your ability, most Muskox would charge if they see you flying.


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