The Snail, formerly referred to as the Sea Snail is an AI animal that spawns in the Ocean.


  • It can be eaten by Pufferfish (tier 9) and above.
  • Like all other foods, Snails give more XP as you become bigger, but can give more XP than a normal Snail if they bit a tail.
  • Snails can use Whirlpools, and dive if hurt.
  • Snails spawn in the Ocean biome, and will not go outside of it. Like all other ocean animals, the snail will lose water quite fast if it goes on dry land.
  • Usually when a snail is hurt, it will tuck its head inside its shell, which reduces damage done from each bite by half.
    • Generally newly-spawned snails will not do this due to them having no experience. If a snail has been around for a while, it will use its ability as soon as it is hurt.
    • The Special Abilities of other animals are not affected by the Snail's hiding in its shell.
  • They are able to eat all food types that an average tier 1 animal can eat.
  • When unthreatened, Snails will attempt to eat Plankton, but will change course if another animal eats the plankton they were trying to get.


The Snail is a small brown creature, with a circular shell. The shell is initially a light yellow color, but becomes darker around the left-hand side, where it eventually turns to a brown shade. The shell becomes a bit taller at this part too, and has a sort of groove around the bottom left-hand side. The Snail has two stalks which sport small, round, black eyes.

If a snail eats meat or bites an animal's tail, it grows extremely large; around the size of a large Swordfish or Pelican. However, when bitten via the ability of a Shark, the snail will grow extremely small to around the size of a Shrimp.


It can bite animal tails, so be wary if you are extremely low on health. The snail can defend itself with its shell, which may distract you and let other animals eat you. The Octopus can also disguise itself as a damaged fed snail, so be wary of those, especially if you see a snail eating another snail, as that can't happen normally. A good idea is to stun a snail before you eat it to see if it is an Octopus. If you are a low tiered animal such as a shrimp, you can push a snail out of the ocean and wait for it to die of thirst. Then, you can grab its meat and level up very quickly. Preferably go for newly-spawned snails, as they won't be as experienced and won't know to use their shell-ability. XP wise, there isn't a big difference between the amount snails can have at any given time. They all give a relatively similar amount of XP (unless it has killed another animal by tail-bite). The Pufferfish and the Swordfish's ability are good for killing snails easily.



  • The Snail, Honey Bee, Frog, Ducks and Lemming AI are the only animals that are not players. It is also the first AI animal to be added in-game.
  • When the Snail was first added, it gave no XP upon being eaten. This glitch was fixed on March 17, 2017.
  • It actually gives more XP than the Conch at Octopus tier, as the conch only gives 1K while the snail gives 4K+. However, when at Killer Whale level, the conch will give more XP.
  • It is the slowest animal in the game, and has one of the shortest diving times.
  • When they start dying of thirst, they will hide in their shell. However, it will not protect them from thirst.
  • The shell ability of the Snail is similar to the shell ability of the Crab and Turtle, but Snails can use it in the ocean while crabs and turtles could only hide in their shells when on land.
  • Before March 24, 2017, Snails behaved like regular food that takes many hits to break.
  • There is an unused blurb in the code that reads, "You're a super slow snail!".
  • The Stingray tier (tier 8) used to be able to eat snails, but since the Golden Age update, only tier 9 and above can eat them.
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