Not to be confused with Kelp, another Ocean food with a similar appearance.

The Seaweed is an Ocean food on, added in-game on March 14, 2017.


  • It can be eaten by all animals from Jellyfish tier and above.
  • It gives around 12-20 XP, depending on what tier you are at.
  • It is smaller than the similar Kelp, and also gives less XP compared to it.
  • Seaweed is fairly common and spawns randomly around the ocean biome.


Seaweed is three green strands of ocean material that cling together. They seem to be slightly twisting a little.



  • It was add in March 14 2017 Update, along with new 6 Ocean food
  • It is Ocean equivalent to Mushroom
  • Looks like a recolored version of Kelp, and is quite a coincidence since Kelp is based on a Red Mushroom, while seaweed is based on a normal Mushroom.
  • Animals from Crab tier and beyond used to be able to eat it, but now it is only edible by all animals beyond Jellyfish tier.
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