Seals can slide on ice (Hold W) + can climb hills (rocks too!)

The Seal is the 4th Arctic animal in It is equivalent to the Pig, Woodpecker, Sea-horse and Armadillo.



The Seal has white fur with eyes that has two gray side flippers and a tail shaped in a 'V'. It also has a small snout in front with a little black button nose. The Seal's skin is quite flabby around its head. It looks quite similar to the real-life Harp Seal.


If you want to level up safely and reliably, eat Lemmings and other food in the Arctic. When looking for Lemmings to eat always target the bigger ones, as they give more XP.

You can also go to the nearest lake, and farm XP there. Eating a duckling at a lake will not only level you up instantly, but also give enough XP at Reindeer level to only need eat a few mushrooms to level up again. Additionally, you can eat Golden Eggs at the lake, which are also quite substantial in XP. Be cautious, as other animals may be patrolling the lake and taking XP. However, since Seals are faster on water than most arctic animals, it will be easy enough to escape any predators lurking around with the exception of Walruses.

If you want to play risky, try waiting in a small Hiding hole, and bite a predator when it goes over the hiding hole. If the predator chases after you, you can use your 'slide on ice' ability to get ahead of them. If the predator has good grip on ice, you can speed ahead of it. If that fails, go to a Rock, where they most likely cannot go.

Your biggest threat is Walruses, as they are essentially a high-tier Seal, with the exact same capabilities. Try avoid them as much as you can. The farming methods above are the safest and most efficient ways of proceeding to tier 5.

Walruses are your main problem. They are like the bigger, stronger version of you and can climb rocks and hills too. They can slide on ice. So if you come across a walrus, wait it out in a hiding-hole. If it still doesn't leave you alone, go to a place where there's water and dive. Try upgrading while you are getting away from the walrus, by perhaps choosing an animal in a different biome. Make sure to go all around the arctic to collect food.

NOTE: The seal has a super dive time of 30 seconds, so use that to escape predators easily!



  • The Seal looks like a baby Harp Seal.
  • The Seal, along with all other animals that have a 'slide on ice' ability, have a smiling expression when they slide on ice.
    • It, the Penguin, Walrus and The BigFoot are the only animals so far that change their facial expressions.
  • It's also the lowest tier animal that can climb on rocks, excluding the Crab.
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