UPGRADED to Sea Monster!

Sea Monster is an Monster Animal in along with the three other monsters: Land Monster, Ice Monster and Dino Monster.

Sea Monster

The Sea Monster is an animal along with the 3 other beasts of the monster tier.The Sea Monster is able to go underwater and create a whirlpool, sucking animals underwater into the clutches of the beast. Unlike most animals, this animal  spends most of it's time underwater, as going above water causes it to lose oxygen. It is an upgrade choice from Kraken, thus allowing it to eat krakens. Krakens no longer rule the ocean...

It is actually based on a mythical fish called the Sea Emperor or the mythical sea reptile the Sea Orc.


The Sea Monster was designed by TheGiantSlug. It is a dirty green squid/dragon hybrid, with darker sides. Its head is a deformed snake-like dragon head and is covered with small, sharp teeth. It has 2 mini tentacles on its face and 3 tentacles on each side of its body. it has a spiky crown on its head with a flap of skin in between each spike. It has spikes going vertically down it's back and a big triangular spike at its tail. The body has spots on either side and eye-shadow under the eyes.


It's best to stay underwater, and find KrakensKing Crabs or other drag tier animals, and pull them underwater to eat them. Beware of the Golden Eagle who will likely grab you and throw you out of the ocean (while you can still try to get back to the ocean or other water if your thrown on land and not in the lava, because you basically can't die of thirst as sea monster as it only has an air bar. It's unknown if its a glitch or not). Because of the fact that the Sea Monster doesn't work with water, it can go on land without drowning, but you can still burn over time so it's suggested to only go on land when absolutely necessary. You can go to a lake to get some good XP by waiting under a Hill or Rock in the Ocean (if there is one) and then wait for prey to come by. When there are animals nearby, use your ability to eat them. Beware of your monstrous equivalents (no pun intended), in particular the Ice Monster and the Black Dragon. Besides the air system and the walking on land without needing water, the sea monster works pretty much just as a higher tier version of The Kraken.


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