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Oh no, this feature has gone extinct, meaning that it isn't in the game anymore! Please don't remove any useful content from this page or this T-REX will bite-drag you to death!
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Sandbox is a removed game mode, it was first added on 28th January, but was first mentioned on 1st February in 2017 and it was added on 4th February, for more information, see the Changelog for more details.

In the sandbox, you can instantly evolve to the next tier by pressing the up arrow and devolve by pressing the down key. There were 11 servers then. You can join in by clicking the big sandbox button, to the bottom right of the logo. The Leaderboard players are listed in kills instead of XP!


You will evolve by pressing the up key and downgrade by pressing the down key, to the black dragon if you press the up key it will downgrade to mouse. Double pressing left-click from mouse used to upgrade you to bear, but now it will freeze you in place for seconds which previously used to set your animal on fire since 4th February.


  • The old 1 server did not mention where it was located. In the regular location place, it said Sandbox.
  • Before 12th February, you could upgrade with the double click.
  • Used to be accessible by typing into the search-bar. This was the same sandbox but only had 1 server, making it so there was a overpopulation of players but it was made inaccessible by ClickStan and redirected the user to a message.
  • sandbox mode called Mope2 was recreated by Abc64 in order to inspire the developers to bring the real sandbox mode back. This was shown in a videos by Nation, Ihavelocity, and Seagullz
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