Rocks are impenetrable gray circles, similar to, but less common than hills. Most animals can't climb over them, even animals that are able to climb hills. The exceptions are as follows;

Even though some animals such as Bears, Polar Bears and Gorillas can climb over hills, most hill-climbers are still unable to climb over rocks. Rocks always are found on hills.



  • The design of the rock changed on Jan 13th, 2017. The design was created by developer Shaun Goodwin.
  • However, due to negative feedback, the design of the rock was changed back on Jan 17th, 2017. The Design of rocks is kept on the game files located here. Some mod packs include the old rock design in-game.
  • In the prior of December 28, dragons were the only one animal that could go through rocks.
  • Rocks are found in every biome. They are mostly found in the Arctic
  • If you are an Eagle flying with your talons out, you will be able to fly over rocks.
    • If you are a Giant Spider and you spin a web onto a rock, you can walk on that rock.
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