UPGRADED to Reindeer!
Press W to dig up food!
Your sharp hooves let you turn very well on ice!
Not to be confused with the Deer, the Land counterpart of the Reindeer with very similar traits.

The Reindeer is the 5th Arctic animal in Mope.io. It's the equivalent of the Deer, Squid, Flamingo and Gazelle.



Musk Deer

  • All of the above.
  • It has more health than the normal Reindeer.
  • Can climb on hills and rocks, but moves slowly on them.



The Reindeer looks like a brown circle, with a tan-ish head. It has fur details on the outside of its body, and it has magnificent horns coming from off of its head. It has two ears poking out from underneath the horns, and a rather fluffy tail. It also has two crescents resembling bones, and a skinny oval on its back between the horns.

Musk Deer

The Musk Deer has the same physical structure as the deer, except its fur is a dark black. Its underbelly however, is a lighter gray. It also has two short, white fangs on its mouth, and unlike the regular reindeer no antlers on its head.


Try to dig up food to help level yourself up. The best place to dig food is at the middle of ice, as you can easily stop digging and run away if there is any danger nearby. Also eat cloudberries, raspberries, or brown mushrooms. Shoot water at the red mushrooms, too. However, the best strategy to levelling up is to find a Lake, and eat Ducklings, lilypads or/and Golden eggs, which are the best resources you can use to level up. Just be careful of other animals at the lake, as they might chase you away to keep the lake to themselves. Also, Ducklings can be hard to chase, but are worth it so pursue them if they run away.

Make sure to use your traction on ice to your advantage as most of your prey (and some predators) struggle to move and turn on ice quickly, making it easy to catch unsuspecting critters. Namely Arctic Hares and Lemmings, but Seals and Penguins also have no grip. However, the latter to can slide on ice, but cannot turn well so there is a chance you can easily catch them.

If you're a Musk Deer, also take advantage of your skill to climb hills and rocks. Avoid low tier predators such as the Muskox and Arctic Fox, and climb rocks to evade the Sabertooth Tiger and Polar Bear. However, be aware that Markhors and Walruses can climb rocks too. Flee from Walruses on ice patches, and constantly change direction as Walruses are weaker in that area. Markhors will usually not target you due to low XP bonus, but there is still a chance that they will.

If you want to farm for food, go outside of the Arctic and dig food in a mud patch. You will dig up loads of lilypads and mushrooms, which you can eat in peace. Digging in lakes is also definitely a valid strategy option, but Ducks may eat your food, so go to the least populated lake if possible.



  • It looks very similar to the winter Deer skins, except the banner is red rather than black and white.
  • Reindeers used to be able to eat Seaweed and Starfishes, but cannot anymore.
  • It was added in the December 26, 2016 update along with all arctic animals except Wolverine and Mammoth.
  • It used to throw a snowball that would stun animals, like with the Arctic hare. However, this ability was replaced with the Dig Food ability.
  • The Reindeer was the 6th animal before the Fox and Deer switch.
  • It used to have a red nose, resembling the film character "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
  • Unlike its cousin, the Deer cannot turn well on ice.
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