Hold W to fly around from Tress/Hills
(Hint: Use ability on land to scare animals)

The Raven is the sixth Land/TimberLand animal in Mope.io, and the equivalent of the Fox, Hedgehog, Peacock, Jellyfish, Arctic Fox and Fennec Fox.


  • Upgrades from the Deer, Squid, Flamingo, Reindeer or Gazelle at 1K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Zebra, Turtle, Donkey, Muskox or Warthog at 4.2K XP.
  • The Raven can eat animals from Deer to Rabbit,aAnd food such as berries, Mushrooms, Plankton, Blackberries, Seaweed, Kelp Starfish, and Red Mushrooms.
  • It can be eaten by all animals above it within Zebra to Dragon tier, and their equivalents.
  • The Raven's Special ability has two separate effects: to fly and .
    • By holding W on low-ground (anywhere that is not a hill or a tree), the Raven will emit multiple soundwave calls that stun predators and prey of the Raven. They are similar to the Rattlesnake or Macaw's special abilities; a large circle of stunning. While doing this, the Raven will say "CAW!" in the chat.
    • By holding W on a hill or tree, the Raven will start flying. This effect comes to a shutdown when you release the W key.


The Raven is a slender black bird, with two wings that are a combination of light and dark black. The wings are feathery and have small ruffles. Its tail is consists of long black feathers. When the Raven uses its 'Caw' ability, it will spread out its wings, open its beak and bare its eyes slightly.


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Levelling up is easy by eating a few red mushrooms, or pears. These can be found at either a Mushroom Bush, or a Lake. Furthermore, you could also eat Geese at a lake, as they are a fairly reliable source of prey. Realistically, there is no need to attempt to hunt for prey, as the aforementioned resources are a fast and adequate way of levelling up. However, if you were to try eat prey, fly from hills to catch up to them. Since the caw ability is more defense-based, it is harder to take an offensive approach with it.

Sometimes when you are behind a predator, you can CAW and bite their tails and climb up a tree for a fast escape, thus gaining XP very easily but requiring a lot of skill



  • Shaun Goodwin originally designed the Raven's image a year ago and showed it to KOA, but it hadn't been used until now.[1]
  • The caw ability is quite similar to the Rattlesnake and Macaw's abilities.


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