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The Raspberry, is a food that spawns in random locations around the land and arctic biomes. They are uncommon, and provide a lot of water when eaten.


  • Raspberries spawn in any given spot in the land and arctic.
  • They give quite a bit of water when eaten.
  • Gives around 60 - 150 XP (depending on what tier you are).

When it was added, it was exclusive to the Arctic, but it has since migrated to the Land as well, mainly when a Deer dig for it in Mud, or when a bush spawns it.


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  • Raspberry XP was halved to prevent easy upgrading on February 14, 2017.
  • Raspberries were formerly a food exclusive to the Arctic.
    • They used to freeze the animal that ate it in the arctic biome but that was later removed.
  • Even though they look more like blackberries, the name for this food in the game files is "rasp", presumably an abbreviation of raspberry.
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