The Raspberry, is a resource, exclusive to the Land and Arctic biomes.

Unlike other resources, it can spawn from Bushes and Mud, but it can also spawn after pushing two Snowballs together. If enough snow is pushed together, the Snowball will "Explode" possibly releasing Raspberries and possibly Arctic Nuts. Snowballs can also explode if shot at water a LOT of times. Its size indicates how close it is from broken (the larger the snow is, the closer it is to being exploded).

When it was added, it was exclusive to the Arctic, but it has since migrated to the Land as well, mainly when a Deer dig for it in Mud.


  • It was added in the Jan 20 update along with the Mammoth, Donkey, and Pear.
  • On the Feb 14 update, Raspberry XP has been halved to prevent easy upgrading
  • It used to freeze the animal that ate it in the arctic biome but that was later removed.
  • Both it and the coconut give a small bit of water if eaten.
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