Press W to burrow a hole to hide in!"

The Rabbit is the second tier in, and the equivalent of the Trout and the Arctic Hare.


The Rabbit:

Based on:

Rabbit, The rabbit's breed in is unknown yet. It can be considered to be a Forest Bunny.

Despite being herbivore in real life, in rabbits can eat a mouse.


When first upgraded, the Rabbit is really small, even advanced Mice are larger. It's a lighter brown with darker ears, and abnormally large eyes. Its minute nose is the same color as its ears, and its tail is a light brown.


As you are a second tier animal, you are really small, giving you quick escapes from predators through hills. No matter how advanced you are, you will be dwarfed by Pigs, so your size will really help.

The easiest way to level up is to find a berry bush, or Healing Stones. 

Always stay out of the ocean or the lake, as you cannot bury a hole there. If you are at land or mud, at least you can bury a hole that you can protect yourself from predators. However, note that foxes can pull you out and you should run towards mud (where you are faster than it is). However, in mud, be careful at pigs.

Shoot water at the brown mushrooms. They will split into berries which you can eat. However, you will run out of water.

Rabbits are buffed to be fast in mud, you can run there and get carrots and berries and brown mushrooms. It is very easy to level up.