Quicksand is a form of terrain, found exclusively in the Desert biome. Animals other than certain desert animals such as Camel that move on quicksand will end up extremely slow, having a similar effect as Mud, only that it drains non-Desert animals' water rather than refilling it like Mud. At the edge of oases, quicksand can also be found. Other than that, there are patches of quicksand scattered around the desert (like ice patches in the Arctic). The Rattlesnake, Meerkat, Komodo Dragon and Blackwidow Spider can move fast on it, as well as the Camel, and any other animals that also move fast in mud.


If your an Pterodactyl, you could throw prey in it that are slow in there and will lose water quickly. As the Pterodactyl is faster in Quicksand than most other animals and doesnt need any water. Or you could just use it as an XP source by continuously eating Melons and Chili Peppers. This works the same with Giant Scorpion. Essentially it's basically a trap for prey. If you see prey that can't move fast on quicksand (and if you can), definitely go for it. You'll most probably be able to eat them. It is useful to go to the quicksand if you are being chased and are fast in the quicksand, and the animal that is chasing you is not. It is even better if you can climb hills or rocks.



  • Before the #GoldenAge update of December 23, 2019, the Meerkat, Rattlesnake, Komodo Dragon and Blackwidow Spider weren't able to move fast on quicksand.
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