(Hold W to inflate- become spiky, and dangerous to touch!)

The Pufferfish is the 9th animal in the ocean food chain, and it is the ocean equivalent of the Lion, Snow Leopard, and the Gorilla.


  • Inflates when the player presses the 'W' button; stuns and damages animals that come in contact with its spikes.
  • Can eat all Food and animals below it to the crab and their equivalents
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it
  • Can hide in whirlpools, large holes, berry bushes and plankton spots


The pufferfish is brown and oval-ish in shape. it has eyes looking on the right(See picture on the right) and has two fins on each side. When it is inflated, it becomes round and the spikes become much longer. When it's deflated, its spikes look like circles.


Pufferfish is one of the best trolling animals because of their ability. If you see a high-ranked animal that is low on health, go near it and inflate. It will kill them if they are on very low health. If it did not kill them, try to finish them with a tailbite or you can just let something else take the kill. Or you can wait for your recharge.

If you want to play safe or there are no big animals on low health, use your ability and easily eat stingray and other prey. Try to dodge their abilities.  However, arguably the best way to level up is by snails as they cannot run away and their ability cannot fight back in any way. Only 2-3 is needed to level up to the next animal. Clams and kelps are also great ways to level up.

Beware of Krakens and Sharks as both of their abilities are VERY fatal. In addition, if you are near land. beware of orcas which can be hiding nearby under an island. Finally, beware of any nearby eagles as they can pick you up and pull you out of the ocean, which will most likely end up in death.



  • It and Hedgehog is the only animal to increase in size without eating.
  • It used to have an unlimited inflation time, which made it almost invincible.
  • It was added on December 6th update along with the Swordfish and the Killer Whale
  • People usually abuse the Pufferfish's ability to kill Dragons or other high-level animals.