UPGRADED to Pterodactyl!
Fly and dive onto prey to pick it up!

The Pterodactyl is the 15th Desert animal in Mope.io. It's the equivalent of the Dragon, Kraken, Yeti, The Snowman, King Crab, T-REX, The BigFoot and Phoenix.


  • Upgrades from the Blackwidow Spider, Elephant, Cassowary, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 1M XP.
  • Upgrades to the Giant Scorpion, Dino Monster, Land Monster, Sea Monster or Ice Monster at 5M XP.
  • Can climb hills and rocks.
  • When pressing W, the Pterodactyl will start to take of from the ground, and fly in the sky. By pressing W again, it will sky-dive and pick up any animal it comes into contact with. On impact with the ground, the injured animal will have about one-third of its health taken away.
    • The Pterodactyl can pick up all prey, and all Apex equivalents except for the Kraken and King Crab.
  • It runs on energy, rather than water. Energy is gained by eating animals or food, or by standing still (not in a hiding hole). It is lost by moving around, using your ability and by staying in a Hiding hole.


The Pterodactyl is a mostly peach-color creature with a pale beak with a black tip. On top of its head is a crest. In the center of its body is a darker pink, with two spines coming out. Its wings have bones as suggested by the game files, and its wings are a pale-pink-orange color.


Take advantage of your long flight by hanging around oceans waiting for Sharks or Orcas, and possibly Blue Whales to pass by in order to grab them. Since you have a long flight and almost all ocean animals lose water quickly, you can kill them in the air.Use your ability like an overpowered Eagle. Take Land animals (and Arctic animals if you can find them) and drop them in the middle of quicksand, where they will be extra-slow and their water will drain insanely fast. Boom. Easy meal.Use your ability to fly away from predators such as the Giant Scorpion and the Black Dragon, and use it to ambush and dive-bomb equivalents such as Dragons and T-Rexes.

Definitely go for fellow Apexes that have low water/energy, or that are on low health. Keep in mind that dropping animals on Venus Fly Traps will not work, since the #GoldenAge update. Additionally, your ability will not work on Krakens and King Crabs; it merely stuns them to prevent imbalances.

A cheeky strategy with catching prey is to hang around near a corner of the map, drop your prey in that corner. As soon as you land, make sure to block all escape for it. The stunning will effectively make the prey your next meal. Also, by spamming W as soon as you pick the animal up, they will be thrown a lot further than normal and receive increased damage.

Be wary of your energy as you lose energy very quickly if you pick up an animal or go outside the Desert. Make sure you're in an area with easily consumable foods. The Land biome has a lot of foods that are quickly consumed and will quickly regain your energy. After flying, be sure to recharge your energy bar, or you will become an easy target for T-REX, Giant Scorpion and Dino Monster. If being chased by Giant Scorpion, fly away before it stings you. If that happens, hide in a hole and wait for its ability to stop before flying away.

Do NOT let any T-REX use its ability on you. It can use its ability to keep you from flying away while doing a huge amount of damage. If you can't escape by flying away or landing on a rock you are dead meat.

Many Dino Monsters will be in the desert too. If they see you, they’ll definitely try to kill you. If that happens, go on a rock to evade its ability until you are ready to use yours, then repeat. The same applies with T-Rexes, but you'll need to be completely on the other side of the hill, as they can grab you off of hills. Trap T-Rexes in a tight spot by dropping them where they cannot not escape and have NO access to water, when they are taking damage because of thirst. Pick and drop them, getting the exp. The best spot to do so will be in between three or more hills, however, there may not always be an opportunity to attempt this if the map structure isn't lucky enough to suit this possibility.




MOPE.IO Pterodactyl TheApexPredator LEAPS IN MOPE WORLD DesertUpdate TEASER 77-1


  • Before the #GoldenAge update, the Pterodactyl used to be able to sit in hiding holes forever, as their energy would automatically regenerate. This was changed so that it will generate energy at a standstill, but not if it's in a hiding hole.
  • It is the last and only Apex tier that is able to fly in the sky, with a special ability.
  • The Pterodactyl is the fourth extinct animal, the others being Mammoth, Sabertooth TigerT-REX.
  • It's currently the only animal that uses energy as a resource needed to survive (as opposed to water or lava).
  • There is a blue Pterodactyl skin that was never released, but currently exists in the game files.[1]
  • It is not actually a dinosaur, but a flying reptile, also known as a pterosaur.
  • For some reason, the Pterodactyl is able to pick up Trout with its ability.


  • Before Beta was closed, when you get to the Apex tier, the bar of selection were 2+ Dragons, Phoenix's, T-rex's, Yetis, and Pterodactyls. This is because Golden Apexes were leaked accidentally, and the 3 Pterodactyls didn't have a skin (looks like Golden Age not only will have Golden Animals because 2 of these Pterodactyls had in their name the words "Golden" and "Emerald").
  • The Pterodactyl used to be immune to poison, allowing it to easily use the Poison Lake. However, this was patched sometime around September 2020.


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