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List of current staff, and explanation of user groups.

Staff on Wiki are users who have special features that enable them to perform distinct tasks, for the better of the community. They moderate and keep this wiki a peaceful place. Each staff member is marked specifically by colourised names, and their position next to their name on threads and comments.

Note to all staff: Please read the Abusing power article, it is important.

Staff Ranks


Bureaucrats are users who can change the user groups of other users. They are able to promote users to staff, lead the wiki and will have administrator rights.


Administrators, also referred to as Admins or Sysops are a step below bureaucrat. They can block users and edit any MediaWiki page, namely vital CSS and JS. They are also able to promote users to Discussion Moderator and Chat Moderator.

Content Moderator

Content Moderators have the ability to control the status of any non-MediaWiki page. They can delete/restore pages, protect them, re-upload deleted files and re-name files. They also have rollback rights automatically, and will be given discussion moderatorship.

Discussions Moderator

Discussions Moderators have the ability to control every discussion here. They can lock/close posts, delete comments, edit them, re-open closed discussions, and they rollback rights


Rollbacks have the ability to roll-back edits, meaning the edits from a user will be reverted, and the original version of the page that existed before they edited will be restored. The chat moderator position is given manually with this, but is not considered to be a major position since wiki chat is not always actively used.


Bots are used for mass edits of simple things, such as grammar fixes, removing red-links or changing templates. Their edits will be hidden from Special:RecentChanges in order to not flood wiki activity. To get an account flagged as a bot, explicit permission is required bureaucrat, who will then send a request to FANDOM Staff.

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