These are the rules of the Wiki Discord, a server that is owned by Trienchou14 and administrated by this wiki's staff. Please make sure to follow them; failure to do so will result in a punishment/strike from the admins. These rules are also available on the #rules channel in discord.

  • Don't spam or flood the chat with messages.[1]
  • Don't harass other users or make anyone feel unwelcome.
  • When posting external links, the only links permitted are ones that link to stuff, such as Social media like the Subreddit or YouTube channels.
  • Listen to staff such as the chat-moderators and administrators.
  • Do not use any profanity whatsoever.
  • Post in the right channels. Off-topic messages in certain channels will cause them to be deleted.
  • Don't constantly ping users in discord, particularly staff for roles as it can be annoying.

Staff Guidelines

Please read these guidelines if you have a position as Staff in this Discord server. Do not post any new content in this server; to make any new suggestions or changes to these guidelines, consult other staff in the #staff channel.

  1. Be friendly: This server should be a fun place to casually chat with other wikians or fans; this doesn't mean you have to be acting happy all the time, but make sure you are civilised to other members.
  2. Pinging: staff members may ping the whole server, but ONLY in the #📣-announcements-📣 channel. Abusing this allowance can extremely annoy other members and may result in demotion.
  3. Banning/muting: When a user is being disruptive, warn them at least twice before taking actions such as muting them. This depends on context, and sometimes offences can be severe enough to cause an outright ban. However, normally this is not the case, and a warnings should typically come before any other tool use.


If someone has spammed in the chat while no staff were around/broken one of these rules in a DM, take a screenshot of it and show an administrator. The ban-length cannot be too long on the basis of circumstantial evidence, but either way the issue will be dealt with.


  1. Spamming is allowed in the #spam channel on Discord, but only there. Anywhere else will result in a punishment.
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