These are the official rules for the Wiki. Please make sure to follow them; failure to follow the rules will result in a punishment from the admins. These rules are here to ensure the community exists in a peaceful environment. However, the most important rule here is common sense. Please don't try creating loopholes just because something isn't listed here; you can still be punished for acting out of order.

Note: These rules may be updated/changed at any time if Staff feel it is necessary.

Behavioural guidelines

  1. Don't harass others, i.e. provoking others, deliberately trying to annoy them or constantly badgering someone about a topic that is complete.
  2. Excessive vulgar/profane language is strictly prohibited. Particularly using foul language against another user will most likely earn you a block.
  3. Discriminatory comments of any kind are not tolerated, and will also result in a block. If this is done in extremes, the block can potentially be infinite.

Thread rules

  1. Don't spam/flood message walls. If someone hasn't replied to your message yet, be patient. They may simply not have seen it yet, and everyone does have lives outside of FANDOM and can't be here every moment.
    1. Spam messages will be removed, and the user blocked.
  2. All behavioural rules apply. People should feel free to communicate with others via threads, and any sort of misconduct on message walls will result in the rule-violating message being deleted and the user being warned or blocked, depending on the situation.
  3. Do not necropost. Necroposting is when someone adds a new message to a thread that is 2 weeks old or more. For reporting them, please see a staff member by hovering over Top Navigation or looking at this thread by Pokegeek, shown here for more info.
    1. Normally if a thread has been unanswered for 2 weeks, the topic has been resolved.
    2. This is mainly a nuisance for users that have participated in the thread, as they will be notified and have their time wasted by reading the thread.
    3. Initially you will be given a warning, and repeated offenses will at worst give you a 2 week block.


  1. When editing, vandalising anything is not allowed. This means defacing the article in an attempt to remove information or for trolling purposes. See Vandalism on Community Central for information about why vandalism is not allowed.
  2. Edit-wars on articles will result in the article being locked so that it can only be edited by content moderators and administrators.
    1. Edit-warring is when two or more users undo each others edits, due to both believing the other's edit is incorrect.
    2. Often edit-wars are in good-faith and meant to improve the article status, but regardless, edit wars will not be tolerated.
  3. Fanon content is not allowed on the mainspace pages of this wiki. "Fanon" refers to a fan-made idea that doesn't exist in
    1. You may add fanon content in your blog.
    2. Any fan content added to main pages will immediately be deleted.
    3. If an animal has been confirmed from the Developers via Social media, it will be considered canon (real). However, links must be provided in order for it to be officially branded canon.
  4. When adding categories to articles, they must currently exist. Meaningless/spam categories will be reverted, and the user warned. This also means don't make duplicate categories.


Comments on mainspace articles have been enabled for the purpose of chatter about the article subject. Therefore, they should not be misused:

  1. Spam comments, that add no meaning to the article subject's conversation, will be deleted. This would refer to comments that say something such as "lol" or ".", UNLESS they are in reply to another user's comment. Otherwise, they will be deleted.
  2. Behavioural rules apply too; any comment that has the nature of attacking or harassing a user for their opinion will be deleted.


  1. Don't create unnecessary blogs, discussions or threads.
  2. Don't remove warnings.
  3. Don't upload inappropriate or illegal links/images/videos or ask for them.


  1. If you reveal that you are less than 13 years old, you will have to be banned. Please note that this is not a locally enforced rule, but is part of FANDOM's official Terms of Use. It is advised in general not to reveal any personal details about yourself online!


  1. We aren't too strict on how many accounts you have, as long as the quantity doesn't go overboard. Henceforth, we generally ask that if you wish to use more than one account, you use no more than 4 accounts for maintenance purposes.
  2. Please don't share passwords to another person, even if you trust them.
  3. If you abuse these accounts, your alternate account will be infinitely banned, and your primary account may receive a temporary ban depending on the context.
  4. Abusing these accounts includes using them to make extra votes for an important topic, or to break other rules. Additionally, using an alternate account to evade a current ban will cause the alt to be banned infinitely (most likely), and extend the ban on the primary account.
  5. If you wish to apply for a Staff position on the Wiki, only one account can be given staff rights.
  6. If you were banned on an account, please don't create a new identity on a new account to evade a ban. If your sockpuppet account is discovered, it will be permanently banned.

With all that being said, please contact the admins if you need any help. We can always lend a helping hand!

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