UPGRADED to Polar Bear!
Polar bears can climb hills!
+ They're amazing swimmers!

The Polar Bear is the eleventh Arctic animal in, and is equivalent to Crocodile and Octopus.


The Polar Bear:


The Polar Bear features a white circular body with a gray tail and ears, and a black nose. It is a white variation of the Bear.


Use you climbing ability to your advantage when you're attacking other animals. Walrus is your best bet. You climb Hills like them, so you should have an easy time. However, they can slide on ice, so don't let them get there. The other problem is the fact that they can climb rocks. You can try to slash them off, which might knock them back so they will be off. You are also fast in water, so you can use that to your advantage to chase them. 

Even though many of the have a climbing ability, animals such as Mammoth and Wolverine do not have the ability, so stealing bites, slashing, dodging abilities, and running for the hills might be the best strategy in order to level up quickly. You however have to beware when you bite a Dragon, since they can fly over hills and breathe fire on you. 

Eat Arctic nuts and blackberries to grow quickly and when predators attack you, slash hide in hiding holes. 



  • It was added on December 26th, 2016 along with all the other arctic animals except for Wolverine and Mammoth.
  • Even though it is like the Bear, it is one tier higher. Similarly, Snow Leopard is higher than Cheetah.
  • It used to upgrade to the Wolf but in January 1st, it was moved to be the equivalent of the Cheetah.
  • It looks almost exactly like the old winter skin of the Bear, but without a scarf.


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