Plankton is a food item that spawns in the Ocean, and has similar functions to the Berry.


  • It is a stationary food.
  • They will spawn in various locations around the ocean.
    • Plankton spawn in bulk around plankton bushes.
  • Provide about 1-3 XP upon consumption for all tiers.


Plankton are orange circles, with a darker orange circle within, and a green outline. It gives the impression of an eye.

Not to be confused with Berry Bushes, a similar fauna that spawns in the Land and Arctic biomes.

Plankton Bushes are bushes that can be found commonly around the Ocean biome.


  • They are rather like the land counterpart, Berry Bushes, except they spawn in the Ocean instead.
  • Unlike Land berry bushes, animals that are Jellyfish tier and above can hide underneath them.
  • Plankton spawn in bulk around Plankton bushes.


Plankton Bushes are like their land counterpart, except they are orange in color. Some of the bush overlaps the green circular outline of it.



  • When an Orca or Blue Whale dives underwater, there is a chance that it ejects multiple plankton from its blow-hole.
  • On March 14 2017, the quantity of XP was nerfed for plankton.
  • Octopi can disguise themselves as a giant plankton. The smaller circle in the middle of it will move around if the 'plankton' is actually a disguised Octopus.
  • It is among one of the only foods that can be eaten by all animals; high tier animals no longer can eat berries.
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