The Plankton is a food item that allows animals to level up and can be eaten by any animal. There are two types of Plankton in the game, the Small Plankton and the Large Plankton. The Small Plankton is about the size of a 0 XP Shrimp or a 50 XP Trout and gives the consumer 1 XP when eaten. The Large Plankton is about the size of a 30 XP shrimp or a 140 XP trout and gives 1 XP when consumed. Plankton's are one of the four natural food sources and have existed since the November 26th update. They are an water equivalent of Berries, and serve Shrimp in the same manner that Berries serve Mice.

Plankton Bush

Plankton Bushes are large, dark orange bushes that spawn Plankton around themselves, very much like Berry Bushes that spawn Berries. They have 3 circles on it at which all animals can hide. Squid and higher tier animals can hide in them.


  • Plankton was added with the November 26 update.
  • When an Orca dives underwater, there is also a chance that it ejects Plankton from its blowhole.
  • On March 14, Plankton gives lower XP.
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