UPGRADED to Pigeon! Hold W to fly around!

UPGRADED to Rare White Dove! Hold W to fly around

The Pigeon is a second tier Land animal, and is equivalent to the Rabbit, Trout, Desert Chipmunk and Arctic Hare.


  • Upgrades from Mouse, Shrimp, Desert Rat or Chipmunk at 50 XP.
  • Upgrades to Mole, Chicken, Crab, Penguin, or Meerkat at 200 XP
  • There is a 1% chance the player will spawn as a Dove (White Pigeon) instead. Doves are 20% faster than pigeons on land, and fly 30% faster.
  • Has a Fly ability, where it takes to the skies for as long as you hold 'W' or right click, but automatically stops flying after a while.
    • This is the only ability with a cooldown time based on your location. The cooldown time of the Pigeon's ability on land is 8 seconds, but if the player is on a hill, it is 4 seconds
    • When the player becomes a White Dove, the flying speed is 30% faster and also recharges a little bit faster.



The Pigeon keeps a consistent shade of blue across its entire body, with the exception of its slightly lighter head. The Pigeon's wings have tips that are black with white outlines. The Pigeon has a grey-ish beak that leads into a white mark on its face. In typical mope.io fashion, the Pigeon has big, beady eyes, though it is the only animal other than Falcon with visible eye sockets.

Rare White Dove

The Dove has a relatively similar appearance to the regular Pigeon, except its body is white. Its body is a snowy white, and its wings are a darker white, almost very light gray. Each wing has a streak of snowy white on them. Its beak is very much the same as regular Pigeon.


As a Pigeon

Level up quickly by eating berries. You can find many of them in a Berry Bush, but another way to produce them is by pressing S into a Mushroom 4 times, and it will produce berries. Don't lose too much water! Use your ability to fly around, to help escape predators and look for food. A risky strategy is to farm carrots in the mud. Since you are slow there, watch out for Pigs. If there are pigs, go onto a hill and wait for the mud to dry before flying away! You can fly directly to a spot with a carrot too. Also try eating Honeycombs from a Beehive. Avoid the bees by flying away.

At this tier, prey isn't worth chasing, but if you see a Mouse or other animal that is on low health, or easy to eat, go for it.

As a Rare White Dove

Doves also have a crazy ability: they land faster than pigeons. You can use it to dive like a small Falcon. Use this advantage to bite predators' tails, then use your fast land speed to get onto a hill. The angry predator will chase you, but you can just stay on the hill and wait until your ability recharges before flying away. This does not go with predators who can climb.

Going to water will slow you down by 75%, so avoid ALL water spots unless needed.



  • The Pigeon is one of two animals added into beta that was not teased by KoA, the other being the Toucan.
  • It was originally a tier 1 animal, moved to tier 4 and finally tier 2.
    • The Pigeon had the quickest Tier-change, taking only 1 day.
    • The Pigeon was the only Tier 1 animal that could climb hills, before being moved to Mole tier.
  • There was a strange bug that caused the text when upgrading to the Pigeon to say "UPGRADED to Undefined!" It is now fixed.
  • The Pigeon is the only animal that has an ability cooldown based on location.
    • It was Moved to Rabbit tier when KOA added extra birds to Mope.
      • This means it was the first animal you can be that can climb hills.
  • The player have a 1% chance of being a Dove instead of a Pigeon.
  • It is also the lowest tier Animal to have a rare variant.


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