Pigs move FAST through MUD! (Can use 'stink' in mud/hiding holes!)

The pig is the third land animal

in, and the land equivalent of the Crab and Penguin.


The pig:

  • Has a maximum XP capacity of 450 (formerly: 500), at which point it will upgrade to a Mole, Pigeon, Sea Horse, or Seal.
  • Can be eaten by all animals between mole and Lion and their ocean and Arctic equivalents.
  • Moves at normal speed through lakes and a faster speed through mud, making it easier to eat or bite the tails of animals in mud and lakes.
  • For some reason it is fast in Lava, but not immune to it.  Apparently animals that are fast in Mud are fast in Lava.


The pig is a somewhat larger low-XP animal. It is stereotypically colored pink, has two large triangle-shaped ears, a re-colored Mouse tail, normal styled eyes and an oval snout with pink nostrils.


Use your speed in mud as an advantage. Not many animals can slide in mud quickly, so passing through the mud is very helpful when you are escaping predators. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may find prey in the mud. Mice is easier to eat in mud then rabbits.  Also, you may be lucky enough to find a mouse or a rabbit in a lake, and you are slightly faster in water than they are, giving you an easy meal. Many mushrooms spawn in the mud, as well as Berry bushes, so if you stay in mud, you will upgrade quickly. You can spit water drops (press "s") at Red Mushroom so that they will turn into Mushrooms and Berries, and you can also use your Stink ability on Mushroom bushes to eat them, this is very helpful and will upgrade you to Deer level.

If any predators come and chase you, find the nearest Mud patch and slip past through (an alternative is a lake)! There are no predators that have your speed in Mud (except for a digging Mole or a flying Pigeon). Like said above, use that Mud to upgrade quickly, since Mushrooms and Carrots spawn frequently in Mud, and eggs give you a ton of XP, too. It is not recommended to go into the Ocean, as there are many water predators, like Sea-horses, Squid, Jellyfish, etc. However, it is usually safe to go into Lakes (watch out for ducks!) and Rivers to farm Mushrooms, both generate tremendous amounts of food. If you do like risks, you can try to tail-bite slow predators in Mud. Just make sure to escape before they turn around.

An alternative defense mechanism is to use your Stink ability. If a predator is after you in mud (not very likely) stink it and then make your getaway. If it persists and chases you into a Hiding hole, wait for it to get in and stink it. That will keep it at bay long enough for you to get to mud so you can use it again.



  • Pigs could not hide in hiding holes before the October 12th update, meaning pigs had no way of hiding before then.
  • It is the first land animal to receive acceleration when entering water and mud, the next being Crocodile, not counting Mole, which can achieve this by digging.


The video showing its new ability.