Pigs move FAST through MUD! (Can use 'stink' in mud/hiding holes!)

Stinky Pig dives through MUD! (Can use 'stink' EVERYWHERE!!!)

The Pig is a tier 4 Land animal in Mope.io, and is equivalent to the Woodpecker, Sea-Horse, Armadillo and Seal.


  • Upgrades from the Mole, Chicken, Penguin, Meerkat or Crab at 1K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Deer, GazelleFlamingo, Reindeer or Squid at 2K XP.
  • Can hide in small and large Hiding Holes, and whirlpools.
  • Can eat berries, and is the first animal to be able to eat mushrooms. It can also eat all animals below it from Mole to Mouse tier.
  • Moves at normal speed through lakes and a faster speed through Mud, making it easier to eat or bite the tails of animals in Mud and Lakes. It can also dive in mud.
  • The Pig's ability is activated by pressing W, and can only be activated on mud or inside a hiding hole/whirlpool. It will also work if the Pig doesn't have a full health bar. It will release a brown cloud that will hurt all animals within tier 1-12, and forcibly reduce their movement speed and make them say "YUCK!" in the chat. The ability will also cause animals inside hiding holes to be hurt, if used in a hiding hole.
  • There is a 1/250 of becoming a Stinky Pig. Stinky pigs can dive in Mud and, have more health have a much more powerful stink ability, that has a larger radius and deals much more damage. Its stink ability can also be used anywhere, even if the Pig isn't hurt.
    • There is also a species of pig called the 'Pinky Pig'. It is like the normal Pig but its stink cloud has a slightly bigger distance, and it has more health.



The Pig is a somewhat larger low-XP animal. It has an elongated body, longer and narrower than most animals, and has classic pig features, such as the round snout, pointy ears, and squiggly tail. The Pinky Pig is darker and has ears that point back rather than forward.

Pinky Pig/Stinky Pig

Pinky Pig looks similar to the Pig, except it's a darker shade of pink. Its snout is a little smaller, it has larger, floppier ears that are perked up, and its tail is curled at a slightly different angle. The same physical appearance applies with the Stinky Pig, aside from its more light-pink skin color in comparison.


As a Pig

Use your speed in mud as an advantage. Not many animals can slide in mud quickly, so passing through the mud is very helpful when you are escaping predators. Also, if you are lucky enough, you may find prey in the mud. Moles and Mice are easy prey (unless the mole is digging), but Rabbits and Chickens will be harder to catch. However, the latter two can also be eaten easily in Lakes, where Pigs are also fast. However, beware Crocodiles in both mentioned environment, as they also move fast.

Many mushrooms and carrots spawn in the mud, as well as Berry bushes, so if you stay in mud, you will upgrade quickly. You can spit water drops by pressing S and aim at Red mushrooms so that they will turn into a combination of Mushrooms and Berries, and you can also use your Stink ability on Mushroom bushes to eat them, this is very helpful and will upgrade you to Deer tier. In addition, eat ducklings in lakes; they instantly level you up. It is usually safe to go into Lakes and Rivers to farm Mushrooms; both generate tremendous amounts of food. If you do like risks, you can try to tail-bite slow predators in mud. Just make sure to escape before they turn around.

If you can manage to chase your prey into a Hiding Hole (this works especially well with Stinky Pig) then keep using your stink ability, trapping it inside. It will eventually die of thirst (make sure to watch your own water bar in between intervals).

An alternative defense mechanism is to use your Stink ability. If a predator is after you in mud (not very likely) stink it and then make your getaway. If it persists and chases you into a Hiding hole, wait for it to get in and stink it. That will keep it at bay long enough for you to get to mud so you can use it again.

In the mud, you can even defeat much higher tier animals by repeatedly using your Stink ability and running around them to push them back into the stink cloud. Most higher tier animals are much slower in mud and will gradually lose health from the stink until they are dead. The stink cloud will also prevent them from using their ability to escape.

As a Stinky Pig

Stinky pigs are very rare and thus, very dangerous. Their fart ability takes away 1/3 of any animal's health up to eagle tier, plus thay are faster in water. The fart radius is 1.8 times of that of a normal pig. If you get it, stink predators or high tier animals to death, then get their xp.

Against a Pig

Pigs, even Stinky Pigs, aren’t going to usually attack you as long as you’re higher tier. Pigs are fairly hard to kill due to their speed in mud and their ability. Their ability can be used when in mud, in a hiding hole, and when damaged. It will slow you down enough that the pig will get away. As a result, the best way to kill a pig is to corner, but this can be hard to do.

Pigs have a significant advantage in mud. They are fast and can use their ability at any time. Never chase a pig in the mud unless you can move quickly through there too. Animals that can move through mud are effective against pigs since it takes away their main defensive strategy.

Stinky Pigs are EXTREMELY dangerous in Mud, combined with your slowed speed and its extra-powerful ability. If one sees you in mud, they will literally fart you to death, combined with probably a couple tail bites. Even on regular land, they are pretty hard to kill, as they can fart anywhere.




  • Prior to October 12, 2016, Pigs could not hide in hiding holes.
  • It is the first land animal to receive acceleration when entering water and mud, the next being Crocodile, not counting Mole, which can achieve this by digging.
  • Pigs used to be able to kick animals out of holes using the stink ability. This is now limited to the Fox and Arctic Fox. However, the stink will still hurt animals that are inside the hole.
  • Mope.io YouTuber 'Nation' has become associated with pigs due to people calling him a pig in his Livestream. Sam.ple called him a pig when his name was "Not a pig" and it has stuck ever since.
  • The skin of stinky was leaked on reddit before it was added in game. However, Luca wasn't an official designer the time he designed and posted it.[1]


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