UPGRADED to The Phoenix!
Phoenix shoot powerful firetornadoes to burn their prey alive!

The Phoenix is a tier 15 Lava animal. It is the equivalent of the Dragon, T-REX, The BigFoot, The Kraken, King Crab, Yeti, The Snowman and Pterodactyl.


  • Upgrades from Elephant, Blue Whale, Giant Spider, Blackwidow Spider or Mammoth at 1M XP.
  • Upgrades to the Land Monster, Dino Monster, Ice Monster, Sea Monster or Giant Scorpion at 5M XP.
  • Has an ability to forcefully spawn a Fire Tornado (at the cost of some lava) to attack other creatures.
    • When pressing W, a crosshair will appear, and if you click it onto another animal, the Tornado will lock onto that animal.
    • The tornadoes have health bars. Once health is lost, it cannot be regained. Health is lost when the tornado is in water.
  • By pressing S, you can shoot fire, in the same way that water-based animals can shoot water droplets. However, this takes up a lot of lava, and at full lava bar, can only do three shots at most.
  • Can eat all types of food except for dates, Cactus Pears and Berries. Is able to eat all animals between Elephant and Fox tier.
  • Can be eaten by Monster tier animals and Black Dragons.
  • It has two passive abilities.
    • Fly over everything (like the Dragon). Its movement speed will be consistent over everything except Water. Also the Phoenix naturally moves slower in the Desert, and was made to do so for balancing purposes.
    • Fiery bite: when it bites an animal, it will catch on fire.


If you were to remove the wings and fancy tail, the Phoenix would simply look like an orange circle with a tail and a beak. However, the wings have designs that looks like fire and nothing else, and its tail has a flame decal for extra decoration. Its wings and tail also have a ripple effect to make them seem like they are made of fire.


When you are a Phoenix, unless you are in desperate need of lava, do not go in the Volcano, as the many Fire Tornadoes there will burn you. Instead, go around looking for prey, and use your speed to catch your prey. When you hit your prey, they will be set on fire, so that will help you kill them. If the fire kills them, grab the Meat before anyone else can. However, other players at the volcano will often try stealing your food, so be very careful around other lava-based animals.If the Volcano is too crowded with Phoenixes, Land Monsters, Black Dragons or even a King Dragon, you can try relocating to the Desert.

Since there are lava patches in the Desert, you can survive there. When in the desert, damage Pterodactyls with your tornadoes, to prevent them from flying and picking you up. If you do see a large Pterodactyl in the air and potentially about to fly you away, hide in a Hiding Hole. When in the desert, avoid Giant Scorpions since their ability can damage you, and they can also go on lava. Then, you have to dash to the nearest hiding hole. To easily avoid the stinging animal, go into a lava patch and dive! You have a super lava diving time, and if the scorpion still refuses to leave, burn it with a fire tornado. Dino Monsters may also be a hazard. However they are easier to avoid; simply hide from them in a Lava patch. When fighting a fellow apex tier, summon as many Fire Tornadoes as you can, to cause extra damage and prevent them from using their special abilities (unless they are instant-use ones).

Now that your ability can damage Dragons, you can attempt fighting them. Have a tornado ready and shoot it whenever possible, and try to get good tail-bites in. Doing this will result in lots of damage being done to the Dragon. Do not go into a hiding hole unless you are low health when you do, since your tornado will die. Do not go to water either, as you are very slow at water, and also cannot dive. plus the Fire Tornadoes will lose health quickly. However, you should also avoid the T-REX. It is not as easy to deal with than as a dragon, and its ability can cause a huge amount of damage to you, and can even drag you away from lava if you're near it. Also don't fight a King Crab. King Crabs are also quite dangerous, as their ability does massive damage. It's best to simply fire multiple tornadoes at it, and then try to kill it when the tornadoes gradually reduce its health to almost nothing. That way, you can also stop the Rex from using its ability if it's on fire.

With a Yeti, lead it close to the Volcano. The Yeti will be burnt by the searing heat of the volcano, and you will get a free meal. However, if you are in the Land biome, don't try fighting one unless it's at low health, as freeze does massive damage to phoenixes.

For killing a Pterodactyl, always be nasty. Shoot multiple firetornadoes at it and when it tries to fly away, press S to shoot fire at it. This drains your lava bar, but it damages the pterodactyl severely. When it is down, try biting it and shooting more firetornadoes at it until it is dead.

If you happen to meet a Kraken somewhere in the ocean, SCRAM!!! The kraken can easily kill you alone in the ocean, due to its ability doing massive damage and stunning. However, if you see one in the River or in a Lake, make it resurface, and push it onto Land. The kraken will lose water insanely fast and when it is at minimum health, stalk it from the back and bite its tail for 500K to 4M XP. However, if it is in an Oasis, don't fight it. You are extremely slow in them, plus you can't dive. Then, it will be YOUR turn to die from the kraken's whirlpool.

Because Black Dragons can be burnt by fire tornadoes too, shoot a fire tornado at them, and run away if you see one coming after you. When you see a Black Dragon at low health, shoot a fire tornado at it too, and hope it kills. If it does, then you can enjoy about an extra 5 million XP, or maybe enough to level you up to a Black Dragon. However, this is a very slim chance. Try not to annoy any BD too much, otherwise they may try feasting on you.

If multiple people are teaming on you, summon a fire tornado and allow it to act as a distraction and a form of attack. Always play defensively when being teamed on to prevent yourself from dying too, which means protecting your tail. Fire tornadoes can also be used to make people who are following you go away, and to help you attack other Phoenixes.

Try to avoid the Monsters. Especially the Land Monster as it will spend most of its time near lava sources. If your internet isn't so good, make sure to keep away from any other Phoenix, no matter if they are teaming with you or not, to avoid lag.



Before the #GoldenAge update, the Phoenix was criticised due to its excessive lava loss when leaving the Volcano, especially since it's an apex animal.

After the #GoldenAge update when the Desert was adjusted to acquire Lava animals, the Phoenix was now extremely over powered. It would hardly lose lava in the Desert, and the fire tornadoes were now able to move extremely fast and were hard to escape; particularly, the Phoenix made the Pterodactyl practically unplayable due to the fire stopping them from using the flying ability, and being able to damage them a lot.

Later on, the Devs made some nerfs for the Phoenix, making it have longer boost intervals, losing lava overtime unless in a lava spot, having a shorter diving time in lava and making the Tornadoes being a little slower, making it a mediocre Lava animal, but somewhat unplayable in the Desert due to Giant Scoprions and Dino Monsters easily being able to overtake the Phoenix and kill it from low lava loss.


  • It's the only entity that can make and control any type of Tornado, and also the only one to create a purely fire-based tornado.
    • After December 23, 2019 (the Golden Age update), Phoenixes can now control their tornadoes to make them lock on to and target specific animals.
  • It's one of the only animals that has an animation without counting flying/ability animation. (Others are Komodo Dragon, Giant Scorpion, Black Dragon and King Dragon).
  • The Phoenix is also one of the few animals that has a secondary ability. (Others being almost all the birds that can fly, except Pigeon and Pelican, Land Monster and King Dragon).
  • The Phoenix is technically constantly flying, but is considered a bird that cannot fly high in the sky (the others are Ostrich and Cassowary, but those two cannot fly at all).
  • It is one of the only two animals that can dive in lava (Other being Land Monster).

Based on

Main article: wikipedia:Phoenix (mythology)

The animal is based off 'φοῖνιξ' (Ancient Greek: Phoenix). The word written with Latin code language form is 'phoînix', Middle english is 'phenix' and old English: fēnix See Phoenix on Wikipedia for extra details. The Phoenix is a legendary bird from Greek Mythology that was orange with red and with living flames on it. They can turn into ash when threatened, and also do so when they are extremely old. They then go through the process of rebirth. It is considered that the Phoenix was the bird of the sun and can't be killed by fire (these traits will most likely not be added in the mope.io Phoenix, as it would be too overpowered).


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