UPGRADED to Penguin!
Left-click to run!
(HOLD W to slide FAST on ice)!

The Penguin is the third arctic animal in, and is the equivalent to the Pig and the Crab.


The penguin:


The Penguin's body is colored one-half in black, and the other half in white. It has flippers which are colored black, which appear on the side of the penguin. It also has an orange beak.


Players can use the penguin's slide ability to maneuver around or to escape predators who are chasing you. Be wary that you aren't the only animal that can slide on ice, so a Seal can catch up to you if you're trying to use the ice to escape. Since you are fairly fast in water, you can use that to escape a predator too. However, seals can catch up to you like that, and you never know when there's a water predator waiting for a bite! You can also use your slide ability to chase down prey who enter nearby ice, though don't guarantee it'll always be a successful hunt.

Leveling up: The fastest way to level up is by pushing together a few snow piles and eating the blackberries that spawn from them. You can also quickly level up by eating 30 or so mushrooms, or stand by a healing stone.

If you want to level up really fast eat chipmunks(food) and make sure to use your slide ability if you are chasing one on ice.



  • The Penguin is the first bird to be added into the game.
  • When animal skins are turned off, The penguin's body is white instead of black and white.
  • In real life, penguins live in Antarctica(south pole), but in the game penguins are in the Arctic(north pole).